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A Sextodecimestrial Letter to YLNT Shareholders

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Bona Fides


Sui generis, and in keeping with the reductio ad lexis terms viz. the charter, bylaws, and codicils of our de jure public incorporation papers (initially filed, pro bono, on April 3rd 2008 in Los Altos, CA), The Board of YOU LOOK NICE TODAY (hereafter: YLNT) are legally-obligated, ex libris, to submit this admittedly awkward Letter to Shareholders. So, here goes.  read more »

East Arcadia State: 2009 MindSetter Sheet


At the dawn of each academic year, East Arcadia State University prepares our instructors and staff by curating some facts and observations about the generational differences that are peculiar to our incoming freshman class. By understanding how the world looks to them, we hope to provide the best possible educational experience. In other words:

How have things “always been” for East Arcadia’s incoming class of ‘13?

First, let’s kick off the ought-niner MindSetter with the hard and painful facts.

Folks, there’s no nice way to put this: many of these kids are young and uneducated.

Recent data conducted by the prestigous Van Hœt Group suggests that many of the 17- to 20-year-old students who comprise the fattest part of our freshman curve are not yet 21 years old; many are barely older than 16. But, it gets worse.  read more »

Snare!® marketing materials arrive

We got Snare!

Clearly, we may have to bring Chris Glass in for a cut on Snare!®, given his demonstrated expertise in marketing percussion-based fitness.

Oh, my. Thank you, Chris.

Select nuts unboxing video

Caught a luxurious lunch in the Castro with @veen. I had the beer, and he had the best goddamned select nut mix he’d ever imagined.

YES, these are the nuts that were featured in Episode 3a, and they are outstanding.

Select Nuts: An Afternoon in the Castro from Merlin Mann on Vimeo.