A Ringtone Tragedy

Cassingle Last week we discussed some possibilities for a YLNT-branded video game. During that conversation, Merlin accidentally revealed a bit of the forthcoming game’s soundtrack. It was a pretty big mistake: the game’s soundtrack has been a closely guarded secret for months.

This morning, our carrier pigeon returned from Asia with some very sad news.

An entrepreneur in Kowloon heard the episode and turned that tiny whiff of melody into a million-plus selling cassingle. You think we’ll receive royalty payments on those sales? Ha! We’ll never see a single 仙. It’s piracy folks, plain and simple.

Worse, YLNT “fan” Neven Mrgan made a ringtone out of it. Worser, he put it on the internet for anyone to download. Worsest of all, it’s fantastic.

A single call to the legal team we share with NBC Universal could bury this “Neven” under a pile of C&D’s. But what can we do? The music is already out there. The cat’s out of the bag. The train’s left the station. The seed’s been spilled.

So instead of suing Neven, we’ll give him a taste of his own medicine. Please take Neven’s ringtone and use it to make your own version. As an example, Scott has already made a party version of the track.

Post a link to the mp3 or flash version of your ringtone in the comments (or on Twitter) so we can all check it out.

Neven’s Original Version: mp3 | iPhone download

Scott’s Party Remix: mp3 | iPhone download

Here’s an AIFF file of the original snippet. The tempo is ~123.5 BPM. Use it to make ringtone history.

Of course, we’re just jokin’ about the Neven stuff above. He’s the greatest, and for his honorable service to YLNT has been made the very first 4-Star Salami Captain. All works are made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike license. Or something. Also, Hong Kong seems like an OK place.

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You Sound Nice Today

Here’s a little Garage Band composition that will hopefully help you all spread the gospel of YLNT to your comedy-agnostic friends and family:


and, of course, here’s the ringtone version so you can proselytize theater patrons and meeting attendees everywhere:


twitter @Michael_Carter

(and, being primarily a ringtone, it is of course best enjoyed with “loop” turned on in the iTunes)

Withering Heights

cheapseats' new wave mix

I don't know...

I think it needs more Uke and handclaps.

Fancycwabs Fishstick Mix

A little combination of Archie Bell and Merlin Mann:

mp3: http://www.box.net/shared/7ucv55sowc

m4r: http://www.box.net/shared/f5qbkqmf40

Get it before the C&D hits!

Request for txt mesg notification ringtone

Can someone make a text message notification ringtone with a few boops?

Here you go...

Here it is in Ringtone Format

And here is it as an MP3

It should be able to loop and still remain intact.

YLNT Ringtone Mix

Tell me what you think:



You said boob!

Well if not anything else - I definitely made it annoying!


The Marvelousness that is this Ring-Tone

Good day gentlemen, I have already gotten 3 weird looks from co-workers, and counting on many more.

Thank you for releasing this gem to the public.

YLNT The Game was released in 1973

I’m not so sure why you are being so scretive in regards to this. You guys should remember that the “You Look Nice Today” game was released for the Atari 2600. While purportedly there are no existing functional copies of the game in the public anymore, I was able to find the cartridge art and an audio recording of the first level music.

Are you sure you didn’t spend way too much money on a DeLorean, toss a bunch of Christmas lights in the back, drive away from terrorists and go back in time to create this masterpiece?



This is brilliant. Put it on the ole’ YLNTumblr: http://xrl.us/odccz

drum n' bass mix

make some noise if you want the french fry inside


MP3 http://drop.io/youlooknic

Ambient Mix

I think this is the new

soundtrack to my life. brilliant!

oh why not add

to the noize. another garageband thang.


Download Charley Eastman - ylnt Raggity Andes Remix


Eh, it’s probably not as good as others’, but I wanted to give a more at-home feel to it with sound bytes from the show.

Here it is on Tumblr

Quickie Output

Didn’t have time to get Mr. Walken into the studio:


late to the party

I call this the “uplift mix” ;)


Another one for the pile

Here’s a quickie I threw together with Reason.

Preview on Tumblr: http://bit.ly/1MnLIf

MP3: http://bit.ly/4ff0hL

A nice Beatles vibe on that

A nice Beatles vibe on that one.

Body Mailin' - The YLNT Web Game

I’m not too good with the remixing so I just used the original version as the soundtrack to a web game.

It’s a cross between Body Movin’ and Merlin’s mail sorting game. I call it
Body Mailin’


The game play is exciting and the plot isn’t lost in the amazing graphics and virtual worlds. Very nice work.

Clearly, this needs to be an

Clearly, this needs to be an iPhone app.

Not Really A Ringtone

I was trying to make a ringtone and then looked out the window and thought “It’s Gonna Rain.” This is what happened as a result. Rumor has it Steelopus was trying to do the same thing……


No kidding.

I told Shotcopter he had to, like, come out to show them.

This is a masterpiece.

A Remix Tragedy

I found the play-by-play of the Wii Letter game too much to resist.


It's So Choice

Shazbot, this is outstanding. It should be “morphed” somehow with the Body Mailin’ game. Do you guys know what I mean by “morph”? It’s sort of an advanced technical term. Apologies if I’m going over your heads here.

Yes Yes Yes

Made me laugh no less than once. This is awesome and should definitely be the soundtrack to Body Mailin’.


I love this remix as if had emerged from my very own loins. I added it to my iTunes and laugh every time it comes up on shuffle. And dance a little.

The Boop Identity

Did someone ask for a chase scene? I thought so.





Love it

Great remix! I’m off to convert this to an iPhone ringtone…

Van Hœt Apology in Advance

I’m pretty sure Karl did this wrong.

MP3: http://media.libsyn.com/media/themerlinshow/So-Hoet-Boop.mp3



Boxcar Eno in Asian Jungle Mix

Copyright infringement?

Don’t worry. I won’t tell The Colorblind James Experience about your copyright infringement…

First… here is my mashup: http://steve.FMGreen.net/YLNT-CBJE.mp3

Here is live evidence that Boop Boop Boop Be-Doop Be-Doop Boop existed first as “Bop Bop Bah-Dah Bah Bop” in the song Considering A Move To Memphis: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PmwFwcMxTU

I’m sure that Chuck Cuminale would be happy to know that his melody is still inspiring people to create wacky music, though judging by the hippies dancing at their shows, I don’t think he’d very much approve of The Fishstick.

Wikipedia - RIP Colorblind James, aka Chuck Cuminale.

Does this belong in a mailbox?

Is this fad already over?

So, they’re not funny or clever, but I talentlessly hacked some ringtones together out of the YLNT theme if anyone’s interested in moving away from the Boop-de-boop paradigm.


SUPER late contribution

Oh well, maybe someone using the Wayback Machine will stumble upon this.

“You Look Sexy Today”

mp3 | m4r

Yes, yes I would tap that ass.

They are all pretty sexy, these boop-de-doop remixes. But yours, jeffinmotion. Yours is the pantywetter.


Is this a proposition? Do you have a “Podcaster Clause” in your relationship too?? Day-am.


This is amazing. Somebody grab the Magnums.


Now I have to go home and change my pants. Well, now I have to go home and put pants on. OK, OK, I’m still at home with no pants on, but if I were at work I’d have to come home to change my pants. And then I’d walk in the door and see myself, sitting there in my underwear, browsing my own podcast’s page. And I’d quietly back out of the room, closing the door behind me, returning to work with still-soiled pants.

Thanks for nothing, jeffinmotion.

you sir, are a true

you sir, are a true American.


ahhrr, too much rhum these days. mp3