Challenge: What's Your Latte Name?

Coffee Cup

As heard in Truck Spank, we believe that coffee shop customers have not been thinking deeply enough about their latte names. Free yourself from the shackles of what your “mother” and “father” thought your “name” should “be.” Your venti mocha cap deserves a light dusting of nutmeg, yet you haven’t thought for a second about the name the barista will scribble on its side? For shame.

So here’s the deal. The next time you’re at the coffee shop, give them a taste of your true self: “Truck Spank,” “Lex,” “Armoire,” “Rejoinder,” “Ponyboy.” Take a picture of the name scribbled on the side of the cup, and upload it to the YLNT Flickr group with the tag “lattename.”

(If you’re too shy to reveal your spirit name to a stranger, you may use this image as a digital whiteboard.)

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A coffee guaranteed to please:

The Ejaculatto. Long white or black with an extra spurt of cream. For those occasions when you not only want to feel feisty, but be feisty!

Rich: You know how you used to call me a prick?

Matt: I never stopped calling you a prick.

Rich: Well this guy is King Pricko of Pricksburgh Cockachusetts

I veto Starbucks on shaky

I veto Starbucks on shaky moral grounds, but if I went, I’ve always wanted to give my name as “Justice.” Because then, they’d be all like, “For Justice…?” And I’d bust off my trench coat, underneath which I’d be wearing a superman costume, and scream, “For JUSTICE!” and then grab my coffee and straight-facedly stride out. But I live in (my beloved) Hicksville, so no coffee shop is busy enough to have names. Plus I know everyone. But next trip to the city, I’m doing it.

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NPR Most Emailed Story: "Using An Alias At Starbucks"

Not even so much as a measly mention of your pioneering work…

Journalism is dead, gentlemen.