Some Notable Failures: An August Diary

After we returned from Italy, or wherever Ibiza is, none of us felt like recording another podcast episode. We were always only in it for the money, and that money still hasn’t come. Worse, our choice of an oil-powered web server has led to massive bandwidth bills. 

So for the rest of the month, we put the show on hold and tried a bunch of other moneymaking ideas.

They didn’t work out so well.

Aug 4: Three people attend our “Socializing for Misanthropes” workshop & sweat lodge at the San Diego Airport Hilton.

Aug 7: Queen Latifah informs us we’re no longer welcome in her extended entourage.

Aug 14: Our “Three Guys and a Prius” moving service gets several hits from a Craigslist ad. Unfortunately all of the inquiries are based on our misunderstanding of crucial Craigslist lingo. Hint: it definitely doesn’t stand for “Men 4 Movin.”

Aug 18: An hour and a half of very quickly writing each other checks for $1,000 finds us no richer. We fire our accountant/masseuse.

Aug 20: The NIH declines funding for our kids’ show, Wake Up with You Look Nice Today. We withdraw our application; in exchange, they drop all criminal charges.

Aug 21: Merlin is detained at the Louisville, KY airport with a suitcase full of packing peanuts (don’t ask).

Aug 27: Security escorts us out of the building after Adam’s Spice Girls audition goes off the rails. Sadly, Belgium will never get to experience Lonely Spice™.

We gave ourselves a month to find something else, and in the end, nothing panned out.

Looks like it’s back to Plan A.

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the missing 5 days?

Im curious as to what actually occurred on the 5 days between the last money laundering scandal and the date this went up, is it possible that scott pitched an outlandish comedy based around a hilariously dysfunctional american family, loosely based on his own and bearing the same name, to the fox network? and is now suing for retroplagerism? it doesn’t take a strenuous leap of faith to speculate that perhaps in order to counteract spiraling fuel costs for the servers, desperately needed in order to earn a basic income, and possibly fill in tax returns, adam struck oil on his single plot of middle eastern desert (thats right adam, i know what you did) and catapulted himself into the high flying world of oil baroning, sold his find for a precariously low price and squandered his hard earned moolaa on a 3 day pringle binge? unable to stop popping tube after tube of the unceasingly morish potato based snack? the clues are there, but more to the point, u spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round right round

jk xx

Hi Very interesting all you

Hi Very interesting all you wrote here… I want more … :) I´d like the storires :)


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