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Lonely Polisher2009-05-22 15:35


Seattle LIVE!: April 23, 2009

We teamed up with our pals Jordan, Jesse, Go! and took the Monsters of Podcasting on the road. Our Pacific Northwest Megatour kicked off in Seattle on Thursday and finally ended in Portland, on Sunday. In between: laughs, tears, exhaustion, roadies, groupies, monkeys…typical superstar stuff.

In this episode, we give a little bit back to our listeners. These are tough times. Money is tight. Luckily, we’re here to help. With Adam and Merlin’s antique appraisal expertise, you’ll be digging treasures out of your crawlspace in no time.  read more »

Angry Captain2009-05-06 15:28



The chair behind the captain’s desk is empty. Two men sit, smoking, in folding chairs facing the desk. CABINTIRE (Adam Lisagor) relaxes in one chair; FLEECE (Emmanuel Lewis) fidgets in the other.

Cabintire, I told you, man! Captain wasn’t gonna be cool with this!

Put your panties back on.

(Cabintire hands Fleece a pair of frilly panties.)

First of all, no, man, that’s nasty. And they ain’t even my size!

The door swings open, then slams shut. CAPT RIFFLES (Dennis Franz) stands looking down at the two detectives, shaking his head, chuckling.  read more »

Vachina2009-03-26 14:04

'The Lion sleeps tonight....' by law_keven

Making college affordable, restful, and culturally relevant; the cupping comforts of secondary scholarship; Adam becomes a costumed mascot and buys a new koch; how many greeting cards does it take to change (or not change) Los Altos?; Playing Marco Polo with immigrant labor; sweet corn, fresh from the tank; Leopold Bloom, Herman Blume, and the subtler hermeneutics of dysentery; abrupt Chinese c*nsorship; Merlin gets talk-blocked by a blogless Belizean zookeeper; Kraftwerk speak through a vocoder about “Das Futur”; the suspicious motions of Ad Hoc Tai Chi; still no cream for senioritis; and Scott offers East Arcadia State’s surviving TAs an urgent drum solo.

Photo Credit: The Lion sleeps tonight by law_keven (cc by-sa)

OPN♥WDE2009-02-18 10:20


Merlin: Boy Scout
Scott: Boy Scout
Adam: YMCA Indian Guide

Christmas Is Near2009-02-03 13:28


Listen as we conduct our exclusive pro gift-giving super-session TED Talk master class webinar. Over $600 in essential GiftWisdom™ is yours for FREE. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  1. Virtual presents
  2. Secret Santa? Secret Sucker!
  3. 1978
  4. Holiday photography essentials
  5. Lessons from Guantanamo Bay
  6. Cinco de Nada
  7. A members-only sponsorship opportunity

As a special bonus, Adam reveals his secret “Thought That Counts” method: learn how to give gifts without actually giving them!

But wait, you say, I’ve already completed my Christmas shopping. Heck, I’ve even given out all the presents already! Whatever, busybody. Luckily, these Power Tip Essentials are just as relevant for anniversaries, birthdays, and any other holiday where gifts are expected.  read more »

Nickelpuss2008-12-10 16:35

1930’s wandering troubadour Trinket Pills (? - 1939) scored a brief hit on the Wichita charts with his plaintive Ballad of Joey Nickelpuss:

Th’ evil alley boys taunted him,
But ole’ Young Joe made his way.
Terrible crash of bowlin’ pins
Th’ sound of a long long day.

Rags to riches to rags it went,
Th’ boy would rage and cuss.
“Mama ain’t mama for me no more,”
Spit poor little Joey Nickelpuss.

We’re bringing back ‘ole Young Joey Nickelpuss. A generation of children need a hero for these lean times.  read more »

Faire du camping2008-12-03 01:00

If “penultimate” meant “last,” this would be the penultimate episode of our VSOP series. Thanks again to John Hodgman, Jonathan Coulton, and the sturdy padlocks on the studio doors that prevented their escape.

This episode will be more interesting than average for: farmers, Québécoises, basket weavers, camp counselors, small business owners, and a capella aficionados.

This episode will be less interesting than average for: dancers, hair stylists, carnies, Renaissance buffs, vegans, and criminals.  read more »

Faux Tog2008-11-24 01:20


YLNT VSOP, Part II! The drugs* have kicked in, and we have reached cruising altitude. Stay tuned for the final, gripping conclusion to the VSOP series next week. Or so.

A partial list of works referenced in this episode, and their creators:

  • “Colonel Heimlich Grows a Beard” (Graham Greene)
  • Mall, Mini-Mall, Strip Mall (M.C. Escher)
  • Shut Up, Hick! (George Carlin)
  • LEGO Group v. Linden (U.S. Supreme Court)
  • Carnival Displacement (Damien Hirst)
  • Dream of an Undiscovered Room (René Magritte)
  • Resuscitation Situation (Jamiroquai)

* Imodium, Dermarest  read more »

Selfish Express2008-11-13 09:16

It’s YLNT VSOP, Part I! We convened a special session in San Francisco, featuring guests John Hodgman and Jonathan Coulton. Aided by Hodgman’s expertise and Coulton’s hatred of poetry, we finally got to the bottom of our most lingering questions:

  1. Why is Kevin Bacon famously uncomfortable around FAX machines?
  2. How does Adam save the world by not wearing shoes?
  3. What are the slam poet’s secret romantic techniques?
  4. Why are short films so long? And also: vice versa?
  5. Why do alfalfa farmers know so much about the Renaissance?
  6. What food is best eaten deep-fried?

…and many more.  read more »

Who Voted?2008-10-28 10:14


Thousands* of you wrote to us asking for Election Day guidance. Sadly, we don’t have time to evaluate every candidate in every race. Instead, we commissioned the handy YLNT Voter’s Guide you’ll find below. We recommend you print it onto waterproof paper, fold it into a tiny square, and hide it in your mouth as you enter the voting booth.

Of course, this simple checklist can’t cover every scenario. But we did try to make our guidelines as broadly applicable as possible:


  1. Yourself. If you are on the ballot, give yourself the vote. Don’t overthink this one.
  2. Any witch/warlock.
  3. A candidate who gained/lost more than 30 lbs. for a role in a movie or play. (Shows dedication.)


  1. Anyone who has given you a venereal disease.
  2. John Denver. He is dead. And a folk singer.
  3. A “human beatbox.” Filibuster nightmare.

Listen to the episode for many more helpful voting tips, including some Election Day-specific pickup lines.  read more »