Breakin' In

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While under the influence of y, we reveal that

  1. Merlin once put x in an envelope.
  2. Scott hoped another guy’s x would draw attention away from his own -(x).
  3. Adam = 2x.

If y = “tequila,” solve for x.

Also: Belch alert. Home invasion defense strategies, Breakin’ In to find new friends, the tyranny of drinking glass etiquette, deep in Larry David territory, tip strategies, Adam’s got another ninja sword, Scott’s got a flask, Merlin’s got a cognitive bias.

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Thanks Guys

Thanks for the new, long-awaited podcast guys! (I thought you were going to call it Chinese Democracy: The Podcast) Enjoying it heaps, keep them coming!

Love your work guys,

Ammerty Brisbane, Australia.

Oddly enough

Enjoyed this episode a lot, and the timing of your discussion on attacking intruders couldn’t be more timely.

In a nutshell, or nutsack, Hopkins student killed an intruder in his backyard with a samurai sword on Monday night.

I’m bringing a copy of the article to Philly tonight, along with a couple of gifts related to EASU.


Does Merlin = x + 4?

Knife guy

Search skills failing me. Link to the knife guy cutting/stabbing himself?

Edit: nm, found it:


WTF is it with the extra hair as we age? Disgusting. Beside the noted sprouting from ears and nose, and beside the fact that some geezers seem to be able to ignore them, regardless of how luxuriant those patches become, the occasional wild hair is very disturbing. I will get a single, coarse, white hair that suddenly appears from the top of my right ear. It’s as if it suddenly pops out a full inch overnight.

It’s disgusting of its own, and my memory of Jeff Goldblum in “The Fly” makes it that much worse.