Christmas Is Near

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Listen as we conduct our exclusive pro gift-giving super-session TED Talk master class webinar. Over $600 in essential GiftWisdom™ is yours for FREE. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  1. Virtual presents
  2. Secret Santa? Secret Sucker!
  3. 1978
  4. Holiday photography essentials
  5. Lessons from Guantanamo Bay
  6. Cinco de Nada
  7. A members-only sponsorship opportunity

As a special bonus, Adam reveals his secret “Thought That Counts” method: learn how to give gifts without actually giving them!

But wait, you say, I’ve already completed my Christmas shopping. Heck, I’ve even given out all the presents already! Whatever, busybody. Luckily, these Power Tip Essentials are just as relevant for anniversaries, birthdays, and any other holiday where gifts are expected.

Also Included, Absolutely Free: Holiday letters, a new typeface for a new generation, unnecessary repetition in the 12 Steps, special razors, stoplight entrepreneurs, beard equity, just $250.

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Birthday Surprise!

Zomgz, so happy to see that YLNT resumes from its hiatus to give me a very magical christmasy birthday surprise! The best present I could wish for.

So this is the present I packed away with the fake tree...

Thankfully I found it, I was beginning to worry I wouldn’t see any new YLNT for a while!


I was listening to the beginning of this, looking at my iPod, and observing to myself how poorly kerned the YLNT logo was - then you got to the font-nerd teasing. Ouch. online texas holdem


Awkward transition at 2:39?

My fault, I uploaded the

My fault, I uploaded the wrong file, new one up shortly.

Nicely done

A fine, fine show. Yesterday, wallowing in depression and suffering lack-of-sleep surrealism, I told myself it was going to be a great week. Ta da! New YLNT episode.

Yes yes yes

so good to hear YLNT again! You bring a bit of sunshine into my afternoons


I’m downloading the latest episode; I haven’t even listened to it yet but I’m stoked as hell. Don’t make us wait this long again, por favor.

Baby pictures

I was going to suggest renting a baby of a clearly not matching ethnicity, with confused expressions all around.

Bringing a doll could be spectacularly creepy. I’m not sure how a robot in baby clothes would look. Perhaps a robot for him, & a doll for her?

12 Steps

I have been a member of the 12 step program Narcotics Anonymous for almost seven years.

After listening to your interpretation of “the steps”, I am going to suggest to my home group that we abandon our life-saving pursuit, for the glory of “denial” under the mantra “always be closing.”

Just as soon as I’m finished shooting up this NyQuil and asking this hooker to be my betrothed.

time portal

I enjoy how YLNT is like a continuous time capsule, where no time passes between podcasts. I hope it is still going in another 20 years so I can hear the new years 2009 episode.

On another note, my freshman year of college, my roommate decided to buy me a gift, despite the fact that we couldn’t stand each other. She got me some gawdy knockoff designer handbag (probably a statement about my trusty $10 purse). I didn’t want to look like a total jerk, so I asked if there was any magazine’s she’d like a subscription to. She told me some fashiony thing. She’s probably still waiting for the first issue.


I guess this is where I congratulate you on another fine show. Okay, if I must:

Good show.

Now don’t let it go to your head.


font bit

I was listening to the beginning of this, looking at my iPod, and observing to myself how poorly kerned the YLNT logo was - then you got to the font-nerd teasing. Ouch.

Keep up the good work. I’m always happy to see a new episode has arrived. (And do think about bringing in the Y and the period a touch.)

Monsters of Podcasting

Inhale! I was holding my breath until the new episode came out. Good thing it came out now. I dont think I could’ve lasted another week without blacking out!

Are you guys posting your most recent Monster’s of Podcasting show as an episode? I sure hope so!


i love you

so, when do we get to actually hear?

the monsters of podcasting show? i’ve been very patient.

Time to rejoice

Wonderful to see the show back!