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Hop in our decommissioned World War II tank that has been outfitted to look like the Liberty Bell. The You Look Nice Today Tour of Philadelphia Hotspots starts in 5 minutes!

For just a few dollars we’ll take you on an all-day tour of The City with a Nickname. Some highlights:

  • Discuss fonts n’ ligatures with Merlin Mann at the Benjamin Franklin Museum’s authentic replica printing press.
  • Stroll briskly through “transitional” neighborhoods with YLNT Gentrification Ambassador Scott Simpson.
  • Hit the Burlington Coat Factory with your personal shopper for the day, Adam Lisagor. He’ll show you how to cry in the dressing room without leaving unsightly tear stains.

After the tour, go with friends old and new to any local Curves™ franchise. Present a copy of this website for 15% off any CurveBurger or Curvey Fries.

Seriously. Thanks PHL, you were the hottest one-night stand. Our favorite September 17, 2009 ever.


Youse Look Nice Today







Top & bottom photo by Merlin.
All other photos by Scott Troyan. Great work, Scott!

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That randy Ben Franklin

He wrote about how older women are preferred to younger women as mistresses. Reason #5 is great: ... So that covering all above with a Basket, and regarding only what is below the Girdle, it is impossible of two Women to know an old from a young one.

Ben "Horndog" Franklin

I think my previous comment got filtered due to the link, so I’ll just say that there’s an entertaining Ben Franklin screed about how great older women are as mistresses, & you can search for “covering all above with a Basket” to find it.

This probably doesn’t need

This probably doesn’t need to be said because you guys have the traffic logs and download numbers on your end, but I want to be certain that you never take the lack of comments on these episodes to be indicative of the level of interest of the audience. We all love YLNT but find that our comments pale in comedic comparison to your podcasts and thus don’t merit being typed. Please never stop making this podcast.

Feel ashamed

That i don’t swing by the web site more often. Kind of disappointed to see how few comments there are on the different episodes.

But like the smart chap above me said, i hope you don’t take it like people aren’t interested in your Podcast.

Any how keep up the good work can’t wait for the next one, they always put a smile on my face.