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Sign up for SNARE!, Ol’ Grandpa Mann’s Phlegmatic/Bucolic Humour Balancing Apparatus, the magical beards of junior high, receiving pleasure for money, The Nerdiest Photographs in the World.

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The Photograph

If this was the one about worst pictures when I first heard it I’m pretty sure a sound effect occurred simultaneously within my brain. With regard to a previously suppressed and quite- literally painful memory. Image now destroyed - there were 3 very things clearly very wrong.

1) Outfit - Consisting of turquoise converse chuck taylor all stars, VERY loud Jams, a fave “Shop Till You Drop” shirt, and of course the purple hat deliberately splattered in paint. (Jackson Pollack style)

2) Permed hair 2 days later on naturally wavy hair. Great idea Mom!

but mainly: 3) Giant face scab acquired whilst in hot pursuit of Ice Cream Truck on a 10 speed. And furious “don’t take my picture” expression.

Needless to say I can relate. Keep up the awesome work - Talented ones. Trots


Hey, thanks for giving me another reason not to read, study or talk to other people. I showed up a little late to the YLNT party, but I’m listening to all the episodes from “Morning Powder” now because I’m very important and I don’t have time to just drop in on a podcast somewhere in the middle of its canon. Especially not one with a plot as intricately woven as yours.

By the way, I think it was in this episode that you made a reference to your imaginary audience. Way easier to reconcile than the imaginary podcast I’m listening to.