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YLNT VSOP, Part II! The drugs* have kicked in, and we have reached cruising altitude. Stay tuned for the final, gripping conclusion to the VSOP series next week. Or so.

A partial list of works referenced in this episode, and their creators:

  • “Colonel Heimlich Grows a Beard” (Graham Greene)
  • Mall, Mini-Mall, Strip Mall (M.C. Escher)
  • Shut Up, Hick! (George Carlin)
  • LEGO Group v. Linden (U.S. Supreme Court)
  • Carnival Displacement (Damien Hirst)
  • Dream of an Undiscovered Room (René Magritte)
  • Resuscitation Situation (Jamiroquai)

* Imodium, Dermarest

Photo by frozenmeat (detail)

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Wowser! New Episode.

You’ve made my otherwise dull day a metric bucketload brighter.

Downloading now.

Fun with podcasts

It’s fun to note awkward or amusing lines that are missed or glossed over by everyone else because of residual laughter or topic changes. My favorite from this episode: “You shouldn’t be scuba diving with seals anyway.”

That’s quality.


Another episode with Minnesota references. You guys are closet Minnesotans, aren’t you? I can tell by the underlying shame.

Eleanor Roosevelt on the boudoir

I believe Harry S. Truman said of Eleanor Roosevelt, “She would rather light a candle than hump in the darkness.”

Wait, I’m sorry, that’s not correct. That is Adlai Stevenson’s quote.

Apartment Dreams

Don’t know if it was Coulton or Hodgeman who was talking about their apt. dream, but I grew up in NYC and have had the same dreams about secret doors and discovering rooms that I never knew about. I’m so happy to find out that I am, after all, insane.

Yes, I do believe that I do look nice today.


I DEMAND a new episode of You Look Nice Today, or I will invade Poland.

Your move, YLNT. Your move.