Lonely Polisher

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Seattle LIVE!: April 23, 2009

We teamed up with our pals Jordan, Jesse, Go! and took the Monsters of Podcasting on the road. Our Pacific Northwest Megatour kicked off in Seattle on Thursday and finally ended in Portland, on Sunday. In between: laughs, tears, exhaustion, roadies, groupies, monkeys…typical superstar stuff.

In this episode, we give a little bit back to our listeners. These are tough times. Money is tight. Luckily, we’re here to help. With Adam and Merlin’s antique appraisal expertise, you’ll be digging treasures out of your crawlspace in no time.



Check out more photos from the Northwest Megatour here.

Photos: Lonely Polisher by Jason Permenter,
YLNT: Road Monkey by Jason Permenter,
Roadmonkey + lonelysandwichjr by twinch.

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Maybe it was too fast, but I could not understand why nobody laughed at Merlin’s Heisenberg joke. Heisenberg jokes are one of my favourite types of joke.

Come to the UK, please. You’re all amazing, but Adam’s voice is just the sex.

^^^^^ Lonely Commentator^^^^^

Now you are not so lonely. Great show. Come to Toronto soon.

So, my friend and I got totally plastered last night and had a fucking blast listening to you guys. We almost constantly had to pause it just to have time to laugh our asses off. Just thought that might put a smile on your face(s).

We feel like shit today.

in the same vein as mr.

in the same vein as mr. spank up above, the first time i heard this, i was like “why are they talking so damn fast?”

when i re-listened sober, turns out they weren’t talking very fast at all. i was just too trashed to process normal-paced conversation.

i’m not bragging, to be honest i’m embarrassed.

These live shows are the best

Also, I am starting to get antsy about when a new eopisode will be posted. It’s been more than a month!