Man School

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Now* accepting applications for the Class of 2016! Sample from our wide range of available courses, including Sociology 102: Shaving, Chemistry 206: Principles of Muskmaking, and Techniques in Silent Disdain. Independent study credit (read: drinking alone) is also available. Listen to the episode for lots of exciting announcements regarding our Guest Lecturer series. Remember: early applicants get the good nicknames!


Why stereotype when you can monotype? The robot/cameltoe axis, Birth of a Nation(’s Boner), public transportation is not always a thing, how we do it at NYU, old-guy-as-engineer phase of life.

* Should read: “Not”

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man school

I just wrapped up an 8 week lecture series entitled ‘Threatening To… - a Man’s Only Defense.’

If you’re interested in offering this at your campus, please be in contact.

Superb episode. I’ve been

Superb episode. I’ve been very impressed with the recent set of episodes. High quality comedic entertainment. One piece of constructive criticism- please don’t hold back the laughs. I far prefer laughing with you guys than hearing you try to choke back the laughs.

Muffled laugh track

Yes and no. Too much laughter at your own stuff starts to smell like a morning zoo, but I love listening to what makes you guys laugh.

What if we the audience could be your laugh track? Let us record our laughter on your site as we enjoy the show. The laugh track playback could be manually synced when the listener starts the show.

UPDATE You could also record a commentary track over the episode. That would be silly.


Classic Scott Simpson;

“I agree. That’s exactly right. I agree with myself.”


I agree with givemereplay. Don’t hold back the laughs!

The mannequin taught my P.E. class

iv never seen merlin and his wife together before, but i don’t really wanna think about it either, i completely understand where ur coming from, i was the unloveable nerd, but im sure uv all ready guessed that… . (sigh)

and i think the apparently benevolent robot is a bad idea, i got one of those and now i have no family, i did not consider it a fair trade, it doesn’t cook as good as my grandma that ‘moved to australia’, she didn’t even say goodbye, i mean i saw her everyday, did i do something wrong?

Can you explain the homo

Can you explain the homo seat to me? I think I know what it is but I’m not certain.

The “homo seat” is that

The “homo seat” is that empty seat left between two men, generally acquainted with one another, in public places such as cinemas, commuter trains and inexpensive eating establishments. It acts as a bulwark against the appearance of excessive intimacy, and is a marker of personal space. Its use would also depend on the level of acquaintance between two men; a “homo stool” would not be used at the counter of a diner between two men who arrived together, but would be socially necessary in all but the most crowded conditions between two men who had not been previously introduced.

Yes, I too am from Florida.


Can women enroll in Man School?… er..I, uh,… just wanna be able to programme this VCR plus. Also? I like penises. So there’s that too.

Question of the moment

Is a man a man, if he is described as, “dapper”?


The Retrosexual Manual: How to Be a Real Man by Adrian Besley

And it’s written by a guy named Adrian, so you know that mofo had to learn how to man up just to break even.

And I swear to god my CAPTCHA says DILDO PAW.

May I suggest the following

May I suggest the following textbook: “How To Be A Man” by John Birmingham and Dirk Flintheart

Everything you need to know. How to talk, how to dress, how to get the girl, how to buy a good suit, how to land a jumbo, how to cheat at cards. The list goes on and it is all gold.

Rich: You know how you used to call me a prick? Matt: I never stopped calling you a prick … Rich: Well this guy is King Pricko of Pricksburgh Cockachusetts