Mr. Owl

Running Time: 

YLNT XL! 45 juicy minutes for the price of 30.


Nose harmony, quarters, who’s Capote now?, “He plays you better than you play you,” layers of latex, latchkey ontologies, start shooting your stock scenes now, one water ski or two?


Out-browed, back when it was called Mr. Owl, shared entendres, the recurring mint, each table represents a different decade, a full sparkly thong, Assumption never gets enough of the churning butter jokes, reverse garage sales.

Photo: Jorge Luis Borges Coin by TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³

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You are responsible

For exposing me to the ridicule of my coworkers as I quivered with suppressed laughter, my head on my desk, involuntarily drooling on important papers. I hope you’re proud of yourselves. -Polly

The more irreverent the

The more irreverent the intro, the better. Nose harmony had me in stitches. I can totally relate to that affliction.

I would also like to thank you for showing me that I wasn’t the only kid crazy enough to think that he was in the Truman Show. And the reverse garage sale was genius.

God I love this show, and it’s so much better when it’s weekly.

Lonely Sandwich

I stumbled upon this today:

From one Adam to another, I highly recommend that you begin using this typeface for all of your personal and professional correspondence.

Lonely Typeface

I saw that shortly after I set up my domain and OH GOD ISN’T IT AWFUL?!

Things that crazy Missouri boyfriends would do.


It’s actually even better than it sounds.

You ever see Okie Noodling?

You ever see Okie Noodling? That’s a hell of a thing.

Wearing my retarded person suit...

What are the chances that Blockbuster shelves something that badass?

Old electronics and speaker wires

Hey! Can I have your speaker wires and old electronics? I am trying to build an army of robots. They’re going to battle He-Man and GI Joe.

They had a single entendre

They had a single entendre and they had to share it? I laughed, I cried, I wished for an historic Hooters.


Sorry, I am a complete dork, but they totally don’t speak Hindi in Bangalore, they speak Kannada…although they probably speak Hindi too, but Kannada is the main language in Karnataka (sorry I’m a translator). Great episode though. You guys are consistently ridiculous and amazing. Also, I think the Deli that I used to work at long ago has turned into Baby on a Dog. I went there the other day for a sammy, and virtually all of the parking spaces behind the building have been converted into handycap spaces, and when I walked in, the entire staff was standing in front of the Deli case, and no one was working in the kitchen at all. No joke


I really want that coin. I guess now I have to go to Argentina and dance a 2-step on the street with a trampled hat to collect the general refuse - and a precious new coin, perhaps!

Shooting Stock Scenes

The bizarre thing is, I had a very similar idea to this independent of YLNT (in fact, I’ve been thinking about it for a few years now). I always felt that flashback scenes were never realistic enough for me and that it should be the same, younger actor in the flashbacks. Therefore, I thought that if a director writes a film which jumps in time, they should be prepared to film it in real time. They find a child actor and film their child scenes, then they could go off for a few years and do something else, and then when they reached the age of their next onscreen age they would come back and film more of their scenes. I mean, it would mean the film could take 30 years to make, but it would be way more realistic you know? It would show a real dedication to the art.

Chance the Gardener

The "Being There" reference was beautiful, but get your facts straight.
Sellers' character's name was CHANCE.
Not Chauncey.

The restaurant is still open, apparently.

And hidden in the wilds of west Mobile, Alabama.