Nary a Dude

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Sheriff’s got a posse, Clarence the barber (and his balls), the benenemafits of a Fleet-based regimen, the grapefruit and bacon diet, Neti pots and other 100% legitimate remedies.

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Estelle Getty

You guys weren’t far off with the ‘rumours’ about Estelle Getty. While she played the oldest character, Sophia, on The Golden Girls, out of the four main characters only Blanche (Rue McClanahan) is younger. Both Bea Arthur (Dorothy) and Betty White (Rose) were born in 1922, Estelle was born in 1923, and Rue McClanahan was born in 1934. Interesting considering that Estelle was playing Dorothy’s mother.. Today, Dorothy would be 79 and Sophia would be 102, according to the ages portrayed on the show, yet in reality Bea is 86, whereas Estelle would have been 85.

RIP Estelle, your sharp wit and humour won’t soon be forgotton.