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1930’s wandering troubadour Trinket Pills (? - 1939) scored a brief hit on the Wichita charts with his plaintive Ballad of Joey Nickelpuss:

Th’ evil alley boys taunted him,
But ole’ Young Joe made his way.
Terrible crash of bowlin’ pins
Th’ sound of a long long day.

Rags to riches to rags it went,
Th’ boy would rage and cuss.
“Mama ain’t mama for me no more,”
Spit poor little Joey Nickelpuss.

We’re bringing back ‘ole Young Joey Nickelpuss. A generation of children need a hero for these lean times.

Also: New directions in car horn technology, why does Adam’s car smell so good?, “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”: A Synopsis, secular bands, paper swords, ad hoc ninjascapades, what’s on your wall.

Photo: Bowling

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C**t and icecubes? Come on

Other than that, this episode is definitely another 10 listener. And by that I mean I will listen to it ten times. I love this podcast.

I put the stars in. I did.

I put the stars in. I did. I’m old.

I hate myself.

And: thank you for the nice words, gmr.

That is in fact what Merlin

That is in fact what Merlin said, right? I listened two times and I’m pretty sure I heard it.

Also, I can’t believe I got a response from one of the YLNT(D) podcast. I’m not going to wash my modem for weeks. My girlfriend will be excited too.

So funny, one of my top tens

So funny, one of my top tens too!

Libros gratis

You had me "rural Pennsylvania"

Great episode, guys!

(my own PA town was pretty big on its pop-punk scene, with a similar mentality to the York one described)

Unix Jokes

Actually, Merlin, the DJ joke wasn’t funny, but the unix jokes were classic! Excellent recovery.

production notes


Great show. I have some items to help enrich the experience of the podcast.

1) Scott comes from the same town in PA where Live is from. That’s York, PA. It’s also the home of the fathers of modern BMX flatland, the Plywood Hoods (most notably Kevin Jones).

2) Congratulations, Sandwich, of your inaugural venture into post-production sound drops. I totally dug the sax.

3) Merlin: Unix jokes. I can help you there: For years, it was my favorite unix command line joke and manufacturing on-demand finally helped me realize it (why pay up front to make something that no one will buy?).

More recently, I developed my second-favorite unix command line joke and secured the requisite royalty agreement for the celebrity image to really put it over the top

Your super-fan, FPITS


Obviously someone doesn’t remember the “tightening up” of in post. And you call yourself a super-fan? For shame.


I would enjoy having a car on top of my car, in which a hired man would sit and honk the horn of the vestigial car. It would thereby releive me of the exhausting duty without having me actually be in close quarters of the hired horn butler.

Public Transit

I’m not sure if this episode is “funnier” than other recent shows, but it is the one that left me cackling to myself on the bus this afternoon.

Holiday Cheer

Jesus Saves….

Gretzky gets the rebound, he shoots, HE SCORES!!

A challenge!

This is not entirely related to this episode, but I am in somewhat of a conundrum: Having recently discovered YLNT I’ve been listening to episode after episode. Cannot get enough. But, as is expected, listening to Merlin Mann say “douchey” so many times I have unintentionally inserted the word into everyday conversation.

This is bad.

Hence, the CHALLENGE! ((picks up glove, slaps Internet))

I need a new word. It must be something which feels like it could mean the same as douchey, but which I can safely insert into normal conversation, particularly with the significant other.

Annnnnnd…. Go.

Re: Horns and Orcarinas

Nothing says “excuse me” like piping out music over your iphone using Smule

Thank you

The horn discussion = comedy gold. It led to my husband playing the solo from Careless Whisper at random intervals during our visit to my family over the holidays. It really helped ease the tension. Now that our holiday is over, however, we have to discuss why he had the song on his iPhone in the first place.


A rare STD that mainly roadies of 70’s cover bands contract.

Whither the Sax?

So what happened to the Saxophone anyway? It’s worth noting that in this age where everything from cellos to violins to ukeleles are enjoying a resurgence in contemporary music, the aura of cheese has never lifted from the sax and it is still basically a taboo instrument for the sincere musician and a source of instant amusement as soon as one hears the first notes of a sax solo. Will the Sax ever get its retro revival?


Ween is from New Hope, PA which is near Doylestown, PA which is an hour outside of Philly, which is where steak sandwiches are born.

I had the time of my life

I’ve TOTALLY rewind a song to a part so when I pull up to someone’s house it’s blasting. It’s usually the opener to Billy Ocean’s “Get Outta My Dreams”…

…..Who’s that lady? Comin’ down the road??

This episode really hit home

I am a sax player who lives in York, PA. This episode could not possibly be more on focus. (corporate term at end of comment inserted for Merlin’s satisfaction.)


A saxophone solo discussion needs “Baker Street.”

(On behalf of a couple of friends who were too shy to comment.)

Wet AND Hot

Oh, man. Pronoiac. I can never remember the name of that song, and I know I have it in my iTunes, but I can never find it, so I have to end up to singing it to myself, or playing it on my [jaw’s] harp just to get a taste.

You are worthy of your chosen handle, Pronoiac.

It's kind of disgusting how much sax they slapped on that.

Aw, shucks. You’re welcome.

sax solos throughout the 80s