Rampant on a Field

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Down and out in Улаанбаатар (sorry, Mongolia!), remembrance of fights past, rampant on a field of Wheat Chex, stickin’ with the quadrupeds, Adam’s almost assaulted, don’t flog Detroit’s dead horse, the MySpace Generation has nothing to lose, guac attack.

Photo: John Carter, Slow Train (Detail)

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Coat of Arms

I booted up the photoshop and broke out the crayons and I made this, as specified in the podcast:


Hey, I'm from Detroit!

And it’s all true. It is a series of old rusty tubes too numerous for even Ted Stevens to comprehend. Please, keep up with the Detroit humor. While we may be a festering shithole of drugs, poverty and corruption, at the very lest we deserve a final humorous send off.

Why in God’s name aren’t

Why in God’s name aren’t there thousands of comments here? This is the best content around, bar none! I’ve gotten 2 friends addicted to this podcast since I started listening just a couple of weeks ago.


Only the finest of pedigree

Only the finest of pedigree enjoy ylnt. Posting comments is beneath the typical ylnt listener. Judging by your post, I frankly am having trouble believing you are able understand the finer points of ylnt. For instance, your use of the Caps Lock is so gauche. Please keep within the guidelines established within the ylnt charter.

Check it out, it’s

Check it out, it’s needlessly pompous guy. I bet you’re all the rage at parties.

OH my... almost two weeks without a fix

… I guess I don’t look very nice today!

I am in desperate need for

I am in desperate need for someone to tell me that I look nice today.


…look nice today.




All other podcasts=FAIL!

I originally downloaded this as a random thing to listen to at work and in the car - This podcast is fantastic! You guys are just so funny and full of wit and banter, I am hanging out for your next ‘cast.. oh when will you tell me that I look nice today? Make it soon… please! =)

Has anyone noticed

Has any one noticed that Merlin looks like Jack Coleman from Heroes.


Ha this picture looks like meth ad. :)

I look aweful today!

I’m in dire need of a YLNT fix!

I haven’t even bothered docking my iPod the last few days, out of protest for not seeing a new show. All other shows pale in comparison (and I listen to WAY too many podcasts).

Thanks for a great show! I can’t wait for the next episode!

feeling bereft

I’m sure you all have very busy lives, but I’m having soul crushing despair each morning as I fruitlessly check for new content. More please.




crossing fingers that today will be the day!

new content

hey, if you guys are gonna stop posting could you possibly advise me on some other pod cast that’s maybe funny in the same way?? Or at least as funny if not funnier???

It is my moral obligation

It is my moral obligation to alert the Internet community to the fact that this post is totally gay, and furthermore, that the individual who made it is indeed, a fag. {I’m winking here… lots and lots of winking}

for the love of all that is holy

you don’t post. you don’t tweet. you never tell us how handsome we all are. you don’t send us flowers anymore.

i feel scorned, tossed aside and passed over.

so, i know that you have been looking for funding and that may be the reasons you have left us recently… i assume you have all been busking downtown for food.

I have an idea to ease your financial woes. What if you could jump on the apple bandwagon and help them design the next iPod? The device would be a classic sized iPod that contained a smaller internal player; leaving room for a built-in internal flask. this would be perfect for when you are out and about… listing to music and ‘taking the edge off’ at the same time. this idea should get ylnt brand funded for years to come if you can get a percentage royalty on all units sold.



Everyday, I sit on my laptop, open up iTunes and press “update podcast” on my youlooknicetoday subscription.

Still hoping one day soon I will get a new episode!!!!!! Wouldnt that be AMAZING!!?!?!?

Even an episode of you guys farting would prolly satisfy me…im desperate, yes

heck, i'd even pay for it

If Ira Glass can beg for money on air for needing to pay costs for making TAL available online, then you guys should beg too. It would work on me.


Come on HotDogsLadies

Right, I know you are alive, I heard you on twit!

Whats going on? Its been weeks and everyday I check for a new episode, is this some clever YLNT marketing ploy and then all of a sudden you have a bazillion episodes up for download…? I do hope so :(

You quickly built up a very large audience of passionate listeners, obviously you know that because of the inspired user created submissions you have recieved, so whats going wrong?

Say something please! Twitter something, let us know the story because I know that myself and many others think your humor is sheer brilliance.

Warm regards Martin, Edinburgh




Guys…. we are totally rampant on a field of rage right now. We need more! Where are you?

Is YLNT dead?

I need a death certificate. If YLNT has passed on to another world, I’d like to begin the mourning process…

Not Dead!

The guys will be back at the end of August. Merlin said this on MBW.

Come back!

I was glad to hear YLNT was not dead and hope that it is true. Looking forward to more!