The Sake Period

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Subject: #1228743 “Mann”
Application Date: September 4, 1980

Subject has submitted a new application to the Coolness Review Board. Note that this is Subject’s 12th separate application to the Board in just the past 2 years.

No signs of progress.

Pictured, above, is Subject’s self-declared “Summer Transformation.” No comment is required other than to note the outfit, which includes a web belt, painter’s pants, fake Adidas “four-striper” sneakers, a Dallas Cowboys T-shirt, and, tragically, Mork suspenders.

It is the recommendation of this Coolness Officer that Subject be allowed to re-apply to the Board not less then two (2) years from now, or after the cessation of puberty, whichever is soonest.


BONUS PICTURE ABOVE: Adam Lisagor, c. 1994.


cyber goth dreads
Enter the Dragon mirror scene
Hey Baby by Bruce Channel
Sad Eyes by Robert John
Infinity by Journey

Merlin Mann (top), Wikia (bottom)

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What better way

to star the month of December with the warm and sweet stones of YLNTD.


This episode is my perfect storm of awkward cake.

Merlin summed it up for me with “I wish I couldn’t relate”.

I just woke up from this dream

And, as a disclaimer, I’m sure a lot of people here claim they had dreams in regards to YLNT, but this is serious, okay?

I walked out to my back porch for a smoke and I could hear an episode of YLNT being blasted from a stereo. I turned to look next door and there were dozens of people. Literally, dozens, drinking and laughing. And I raised my fist in the air and yelled, much like Gibson in Braveheart, “You Look Nice Today!!!” and much like his army, they responded “Blaaaahhhhh!!!!”

It seems because I live in Florida, I’m one of the only YLNT fans in a 300 mile radius. Actually, I’ve met one other. So, yeah, beautiful dream.