The Magic Number

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We went, with some friends, into the woods. A few days later we left the woods. Our memory of the time we spent in the woods is a bit fuzzy; fortunately, someone thought to make an audio recording of it.

This episode is about friendship. (And some other stuff. Well, mostly other stuff.)

We never would have had the chance to make this if it weren’t for our friend Jesse Thorn—the brains, gumption, and do-juice behind MaxFunCon. So Jesse, this episode is for you. Throughout the month of May, whenever we make number three, we’ll be thinking only of you.

One last note: print this out & show us your Winston face for 15% off your first Maraschino Isopropyl at Mommy Needs a Minute. Look for a franchise opening soon, in your kitchen, as soon as I find that corkscrew…



Black and white photos by Jon Deal.
Photo #2 by Noe Montes.
Photo #3 by Katie Spence.
Photo #4 by Merlin.

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Life was starting to lose meaning

I listened to this with my other roommates. Now we can’t stop fighting.

My self pro-image has taken

My self pro-image has taken a hit lately. I need an up-swing in positive inflow of reinforcing … ummm … crap.