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'The Lion sleeps tonight....' by law_keven

Making college affordable, restful, and culturally relevant; the cupping comforts of secondary scholarship; Adam becomes a costumed mascot and buys a new koch; how many greeting cards does it take to change (or not change) Los Altos?; Playing Marco Polo with immigrant labor; sweet corn, fresh from the tank; Leopold Bloom, Herman Blume, and the subtler hermeneutics of dysentery; abrupt Chinese c*nsorship; Merlin gets talk-blocked by a blogless Belizean zookeeper; Kraftwerk speak through a vocoder about “Das Futur”; the suspicious motions of Ad Hoc Tai Chi; still no cream for senioritis; and Scott offers East Arcadia State’s surviving TAs an urgent drum solo.

Photo Credit: The Lion sleeps tonight by law_keven (cc by-sa)

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Shw Mae?

Is Merlin speaking Welsh?

Shoo My

Tastes like chicken

You guys ever try Vachinese food? It’s not great, man. You’re always left picking pieces out of your teeth and for some reason you can’t buy it 5 days of the month.

Doesn’t sounds too

Doesn’t sounds too flattering. forex training forex megadroid fap turbo

Scott's words are a masterpiece

Atlantic Starr? Really? That is so 7th grade. With slow-dancing.


I was wondering, is the 2nd monsters of podcasting scheduled to be released?

Made in Itary

Totally true about the made in italy tag. The main city for this is Prato, it’s where most of Gucci, Prada and all that stuff is made. Apparently there are more that 3000 illegal factories being run in Prato (so they say). It’s kindof a sore point with italians, especially people who live in Prato - but the truth of the matter is enforcement of laws - or lack of it.

Download link's not working

Argh! When I try the Direct Download link, I get an empty file, 0 bytes.

Feed/DL Problems - SO Solly

Hi, fun bunch.

Sorry about the problems with links to this eppo. Daddy is on it.

As of 2009-03-27 07:10:48 PDT, this link works:

I think (hope?) I’ve fixed the podcast feed, but will monitor it for boogers.

watching my burro,


Thanks Merlin! :)

East Arcadia Elementary

The mascot for East Arcadia Elementary in rural NC (presumably a feeder school for EA State) appears to be a plastic jaguar.

Boycott East Arcadia State

East Arcadia State continues to ignore the needs of the Sacks-Minnelli community. The student health center refuses to provide treatment or counseling for those who suffer from this tragic disease.

All we ask for is Cabaret sheet music and some cream. Everytime we ask for help, they only refer us to the performing arts department.

I call on the YLNT talent to stand with the Sacks-Minnelli community against this tyranny.



Just as good as Aleve

This Monday morning had a huge suckage factor due to me staying up way too late last night watching “Kitchen Nightmares” which is awesome because I’ve finally found someone who cusses more than I do.

Anyway, I had a headache but finally hearing another podcast really helped. That and some green tea that has supposed magical qualities.

Cheers, Nicole

WTH Merlin ???

@ 00:47 seconds in..

“The air is clean and there’s not as many black people, so they’re comfortable bringing their kids out…”

Am I just tired and missed the joke?

are you serious?

The joke is that well-off white people are afraid of black people. Are you from mars?

ha ha :)

Haha, nice joke )) online texas holdem

You're tired

Not to gang up on you, but I have to agree that whatever red flag was raised by this joke is clearly martian.

loop on a chain store?

E-mail from unsuspecting marketer?

Hey, sorry to be off topic, but I’m at my wit’s end fruitlessly searching around the web for something by Merlin I know I remember reading a few months ago — please, please help me find it if you can.

It’s an e-mail from a clueless marketer / PR flack asking the You Look Nice Today crew (if I recall correctly) to blog about their “software as a service” product. There was a whole correspondence in which Merlin wrote her back, very sincerely, indicating total compliance but asking for (among other things) permission to post the e-mail. Hilarious snarkery ensued.

Where IS that? I’ve looked on,,, I’ve googled till my fingers are blue and I can’t dig it up. Help help help? Please? I NEED it. For research. Yes. Research.


Never mind. Found it. On Flickr.

Any tape of Seattle or Portland shows?

Just curious whether you are planning to post any recordings you might have from your recent groundbreaking tour of the Pacific Northwest.

Miss you.

Not returning.

My understanding is they won’t be returning “till Ed Bagley Jr. flies”. Which, actually may have happened with travel the way it is these days. Someone could empirically prove that and send an email with a .png to one message board or another and we could get some new episodes.


Merlin’s favring prompted me to come back and post what popped into my head back when I first listened to this episode.

I was listening to it on a “Smart Playlist” of new podcasts, and because it was the only item, it looped back on itself.

And… I didn’t realize that’s what happened, I thought that it had been edited into a cycle. I had found the first few minutes particularly confusing, and they made more sense on second listening. I thought that it was an intentional loop back. Nope, it wasn’t. But it worked awesome for me.

Cheers, guys. Great work.