Neglected Originals

TeenSpirit In our most recent episode, The Tux Age, Merlin sings a few bars of “Since You’ve Been Goin’ Goin’ Gone (to Indiana),” a 1921 Perlstein/Barreford gem. Today the average cretinous 15 year-old would recognize that same tune as Kelly Clarkson’s most famous hit single.

Fact: because there are only 12 tones in Western music, there are only 47 possible songs. Every pop song written today, from the melody to the rhythm to the lyrics, is merely a note-for-note cover version of one of those 47 original tunes written between 1919 and 1922.

What’s more, the original recordings of all of those songs are kept in the 3rd sub-basement of the Brill Building in New York City.

And Adam knows the night watchman.

So, in the comments to this post, suggest a well-known pop song whose original version you would love to hear. We’ll pick one of your suggestions and try to dig up that recording for you.  read more »

The Tux Age

We’re back from summer break full of something and something. Expect weekly episodes until it’s time for fall break. Or early September break. Break!

Pilaf games, the myth of women and computers, retroplagiarism can happened to you, young butlers in high demand, 20s sex ed film, prespooling and the origins of the Industrial Revolution.

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Some Notable Failures: An August Diary

After we returned from Italy, or wherever Ibiza is, none of us felt like recording another podcast episode. We were always only in it for the money, and that money still hasn’t come. Worse, our choice of an oil-powered web server has led to massive bandwidth bills. 

So for the rest of the month, we put the show on hold and tried a bunch of other moneymaking ideas.

They didn’t work out so well.  read more »

The Situation

Ibitha A funny thing happened on the way to the waterbed. On August 1, minutes before we were set to record a fresh episode, Merlin purchased a scratch-off lottery ticket and hit the jackpot! Because of a pinkie promise we made long ago (and thankfully videotaped), Merlin was compelled to bequeath 100% of the winnings to the YLNT Trust.

We went nuts: luxury suite in Ibiza, hookers and blow for miles, Lindsay Lohan reading about us in whatever magazine regular celebrities read to catch up on the personal lives of mega-celebrities. Swan-shaped paddle boats.

On August 3 (there was a minor misunderstanding about how far the $1,500 jackpot would stretch) we returned home.

Then our fortunes took a turn for the worse.

To be continued.

Rampant on a Field


Down and out in Улаанбаатар (sorry, Mongolia!), remembrance of fights past, rampant on a field of Wheat Chex, stickin’ with the quadrupeds, Adam’s almost assaulted, don’t flog Detroit’s dead horse, the MySpace Generation has nothing to lose, guac attack.  read more »

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Rumor of a Leak

UPDATE: See the full post for details.

There’s an unsubstantiated rumor we started that the YLNT crew is experimenting with a not-quite-daily, very-short-form, not-edited-at-all podcast-style product. Just as a short-term experiment. It is rumored.

The substantiated part of the unsubstantiated rumor is that this sub-program would not be a replacement for “You Look Nice Today Classic” — it would be an additional occasional thing. Like when Bing Crosby did those charming commercials for Minute Maid. Or something. It’s not really clear.  read more »

Estelle Getty, 1923-2008

White carnation for outr gal, Estelle

So long, Estelle.

Sorry we never got the chance to do a real project together. You seemed like a really nice lady and a class act.

Yr fans,
The YLNT Talent

A Ringtone Tragedy

Cassingle Last week we discussed some possibilities for a YLNT-branded video game. During that conversation, Merlin accidentally revealed a bit of the forthcoming game’s soundtrack. It was a pretty big mistake: the game’s soundtrack has been a closely guarded secret for months.

This morning, our carrier pigeon returned from Asia with some very sad news.

An entrepreneur in Kowloon heard the episode and turned that tiny whiff of melody into a million-plus selling cassingle. You think we’ll receive royalty payments on those sales? Ha! We’ll never see a single 仙. It’s piracy folks, plain and simple.

Worse, YLNT “fan” Neven Mrgan made a ringtone out of it. Worser, he put it on the internet for anyone to download. Worsest of all, it’s fantastic.

A single call to the legal team we share with NBC Universal could bury this “Neven” under a pile of C&D’s. But what can we do? The music is already out there. The cat’s out of the bag. The train’s left the station. The seed’s been spilled.

So instead of suing Neven, we’ll give him a taste of his own medicine. Please take Neven’s ringtone and use it to make your own version. As an example, Scott has already made a party version of the track.

Post a link to the mp3 or flash version of your ringtone in the comments (or on Twitter) so we can all check it out.

Neven’s Original Version: mp3 | iPhone download

Scott’s Party Remix: mp3 | iPhone download

Here’s an AIFF file of the original snippet. The tempo is ~123.5 BPM. Use it to make ringtone history.  read more »

Aunt Nancy


Sit back, relax, mix yourself an Aunt Nancy but don’t cross the swords. We’re coloncasting over at ¿Esto debería estar en el recipiente de correo? Body (Not) Movin’.

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Expressed as a Vest

Unhealthy ligatures, a course of Prednisone, “I’m not following you!”, obscure chess moves, smoking for the cure, misused orifices, we pass as nosies, Karl Van Hœt.

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Live!: Baby on a Dog


Recorded live at the Dark Room Theater in San Francisco. Don’t miss lots of great photos from the event.

Desperate for funds, we explore opening a restaurant. Along the way, Sandwich cries in the bathroom, Merlin sings a song, and Scott gets some information wrong. But, in the end, we think we’ve got a pretty lucrative restaurant franchise on our hands. The first Baby on a Dog will open in Butte, MT, in 2012. Bring the family on Wednesdays for Awkward Discussion of Politics Across Generational Lines Night!

Don’t miss the live episode of the hilarious Jordan, Jesse Go! also recorded that evening. Their show featured special guests, an epic Would You Rather?, and a very special JJGo/YLNT joint press conference.

Photo: Upskirt by Neven Mrgan
Episode artwork photos by Bobby Andersen
Intro music by Petra Haden (iTunes, Amazon)

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Guaranteed Morrie

Parental interference and other awkwardtunities, pie vs invisibilty, how Adam will die, Tuesdays with Tom Waits, Wisdom Experience guaranteed, another factory closes (bagpipe soundtrack).

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Early Bird

How do your socks feel about it?, a new kind of retail experience, Sandwich knows his Douglas Firs, Farewell to Tight (actually The Sun Also Tights), white shoes, Los Altos Rancho Vista Wi’z, dippin’ dots, our favorite indie bands.

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Challenge: What's Your Latte Name?

Coffee Cup

As heard in Truck Spank, we believe that coffee shop customers have not been thinking deeply enough about their latte names. Free yourself from the shackles of what your “mother” and “father” thought your “name” should “be.” Your venti mocha cap deserves a light dusting of nutmeg, yet you haven’t thought for a second about the name the barista will scribble on its side? For shame.

So here’s the deal. The next time you’re at the coffee shop, give them a taste of your true self: “Truck Spank,” “Lex,” “Armoire,” “Rejoinder,” “Ponyboy.” Take a picture of the name scribbled on the side of the cup, and upload it to the YLNT Flickr group with the tag “lattename.”

(If you’re too shy to reveal your spirit name to a stranger, you may use this image as a digital whiteboard.)

Truck Spank

So sorry!, the oxygen lobby, doin’ the Skokie, Wallet-on-Chain is not a town in England, Sean Connery is Japanese, What’s your latte name?, pre-disposable feminine hygiene, @EffingBoring gets the carnation.

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