Sacks-Minnelli Disease

Doing the fishstick, Sacks-Minnelli Disease, on the logical possibility of a cool fannypack, who’s your frelative?, “A Touch of Asperger’s”, social pressure at work (show your support for Dennis), what’s your standing O face?.

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Nary a Dude

Sheriff’s got a posse, Clarence the barber (and his balls), the benenemafits of a Fleet-based regimen, the grapefruit and bacon diet, Neti pots and other 100% legitimate remedies.

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Career-Confused? WE CAN HELP

Sad news. See update at the end of this post.

The YLNT support interns were about to discard our spare Cray 1S when Episode 6 gave them an idea.

They worked all night. And as the dawn spread her rosy fingers across the eastern sky, the YLNT JOBBOTRON was born.  read more »


Jamón y jabón, computerized career counseling, nicaragua@nicaragua.nicaragua, Sandwich does the Boogie Oogie, skating to college, Checkin’ Out!, Angus Young-brand smelling salts.

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On Being Boring, crazy meat, Merlin knows how to build a team, Lonely Spacecamp, Clooney trumps Hill but both beat you, Encounters with Celebrity, nickel bags of chocolate, a fowl deposition, the Tony Danza Story.

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Challenge: Design a Uniform for The YLNT Talent

Flickr: You Look Nice Today

Have you design skills and an interest in men’s uniforms? Does the idea of a very tight crotch area and optional merit badges pique your curiosity? Well, we could use your help.

  1. Listen to Ep 4: Peak Hair.
  2. Make careful notes of The Talent’s requirements and preferences in a handsome Uniform
  3. Design a flattering Uniform for The Talent
  4. Share your visual design document with the YLNT community, via the You Look Nice Today Flickr Group, tagging your design with the tag “ylntuniforms”. Feel free to point out special features of your Uniform design in the description field.
  5. Gather and enjoy the respect of the community — including the very real possibility that your design will be made into an Official Talent Garment

Thank you in advance. And please keep that crotch very snug. Perhaps more snug than seems advisable.

Peak Hair

"Oh my God: you GUYS!"; Scott sports vomit; Merlin raises a Predator; Scott has a hair theory about ladies who sing; Merlin calls for a National Day of Goatee Reconsideration; Adam moves into the nascent pubic wig vertical; The Boys crave new custom uniforms; Rocket Scientists come up with stuff; Carnation goes to @Remiel.

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Snare!® marketing materials arrive

We got Snare!

Clearly, we may have to bring Chris Glass in for a cut on Snare!®, given his demonstrated expertise in marketing percussion-based fitness.

Oh, my. Thank you, Chris.


Sign up for SNARE!, Ol’ Grandpa Mann’s Phlegmatic/Bucolic Humour Balancing Apparatus, the magical beards of junior high, receiving pleasure for money, The Nerdiest Photographs in the World.

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Select nuts unboxing video

Caught a luxurious lunch in the Castro with @veen. I had the beer, and he had the best goddamned select nut mix he’d ever imagined.

YES, these are the nuts that were featured in Episode 3a, and they are outstanding.

Select Nuts: An Afternoon in the Castro from Merlin Mann on Vimeo.

Listen to You Look Nice Today

Listening to the You Look Nice Today program could hardly be easier. In fact you can do it from right here. See?

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Known for His Reach

Merlin looks for cashews, Allan Holdsworth saves a kitten, Scott licks shiny faces, “arrested developments” in Adam’s pants, Elvis gives away trailers like they were moon pies, Scott plugs into the baptismal, and @Moltz wins our first carnation.

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Morning Powder

Cosby takes the Queen to a dunk tank, office resources sparingly allocated, sponsors intimidated. Assorted loofah-related incidents.

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About "You Look Nice Today"

About our Program

You Look Nice Today is an audio-based Journal of Emotional Hygiene, staffed by lonelysandwich, scottsimpson, and hotdogsladies.

The three hosts met on, and soon realized that none of them had anything better to do than this. And Twitter.

Nota bene: You Look Nice Today is an audio program that has been prepared by and for “adults.” As a Journal of Emotional Hygiene, our program tackles many of the painful issues typically encountered by persons of this awkward age. Consequently, an uncontrollable level of candor and seemingly non-stop tsunami of profanity may be encountered by listeners. Please do not present this material to non-adults.

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