Rumor of a Leak

UPDATE: See the full post for details.

There’s an unsubstantiated rumor we started that the YLNT crew is experimenting with a not-quite-daily, very-short-form, not-edited-at-all podcast-style product. Just as a short-term experiment. It is rumored.

The substantiated part of the unsubstantiated rumor is that this sub-program would not be a replacement for “You Look Nice Today Classic” — it would be an additional occasional thing. Like when Bing Crosby did those charming commercials for Minute Maid. Or something. It’s not really clear.

There is also an unsubstantiated rumor that you can download the first experimental episode, which is rumored to be called, “Capt. Jerry & the Deviated Septum Crewe Zoo.”

I think this is what the industry refers to as “a leak.” We’re looking into where it came from. Heads will roll, and what have you.

UPDATE: Folks, the situation is going from bad to worse. Somehow, insurance industry megacorp AIG got a hold of an unaired YLNT session and posted it on their blog. They’ve pulled the post, but now that it’s leaked we might as well share. We named this mini-ep Actuary Starship.

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Your posted you own leak?!. FAIL. OMGWTFCHEEZBURGER.

Also: meh.

OK, I’m going to go bag to huffing my armpits.

u r fatt. FIAL!

u r fatt. FIAL!



Zoo Crew

The leak sounds like your demo tape for the morning zoo crew slots you guys have obviously been trying to get. Just remember to split up your roles, somebody (i) sets up each of the “spontaneous” bits, (ii) works the wacky sound effects and (iii) has to be constantly laughing at all of the zaniness….sometimes slightly off mic b/c it is just that funny.

Can’t wait to tune in.

omg ur grown men and ur not

omg ur grown men and ur not funny i think u suck and i hav 2 tell u this so quik that ive lost the ability to use punctuashun.

p.s. post more so i can lol @ u

For the immediate attention of the Comptroller.

Hey talent!

Please don’t do these shows, it ruins the illusion of the normally top-notch, seamless and well-produced (thanks Sandwich) entertainment you guys seem to effortlessly release into the world each week.

I’m not saying they weren’t good but erm, … [oh gosh this is awkward] … not quite up to the usual super-high standard.

Yeah but seriously, I think more is less. Stick to the AWESOME weekly show and the live shows which are great also.


This works, but I think the

This works, but I think the regular 30-45 minute show is enough. Like the first xeonfunk said, it ruins the illusion.

It’s your show and you can do whatever you want with it. Keep it simple.

Morning Zoo Name Generator

I wish to look nice everyday.

I have to say, this is precisely what I was hoping for this morning.

This is my own guaranteed morrie. (Related proposal: 'morrie' as a generic term? I will contact the appropriate officiating bodies.)

Yes, BUT

I would like the morning zoo, and the associated smell, but delivered with an RSS option. I think it would be MUCH EASIER than being forced to DRAG-N-DROP to my iPhone.

Much easier, yes. I also suggest you find a “sponsor”, which might make this a more practical endeavor for you.

I might add it is PRETTY AWESOME (sorry to steal the JH Shtick) to be comment NUMBER SIXTY-NINE.

Very nice. Stick all this

Very nice. Stick all this stuff in the same iTunes RSS feed.

Don’t worry about preserving the illusion of professionalism. Randomly generated and delivered audio of uncertain quality is the YLNT mantra.

Any attempt to control that would just be stifling your creativity. Eric

Florida FM radio

…is not only the source of the “Morning Zoo,” it also saw “Larry the Cable Guy” slouching to be born. He was a frequent call-in guest before he became a DJ. The comic empire and Pixar supporting roles followed later.

Thus, I’m expecting a “truckload” of “redneck” “jokes” to follow at your earliest possible convenience.

I don’t care who you are,

I don’t care who you are, that there was funny.

more please

I like all of it, the regular shows (which sadly I’ve listened to all of them now) and these little bits. Keep it coming. Please.


The problem with the morning

The problem with the morning zoo is that - sans polish - it exposes me to the reality that I’m whittling my time away listening to three guys rambling. Admitting such shines an unwelcome light on every aspect of my life.

Au contraire

Rambling? I think not. Each episode contains valuable information, life lessons, cheat codes, coupons, discounted diet lemonade, and a tire swing. Maybe you’re just listening wrong.

Fun Bunch Airplane

I enjoyed Actuary Starship a lot more than the Crewe Zoo; there’s something about hotdogsladies continually going “oh noooooooo” that does it for me. Ten minutes seems to be just about the right length for these bite-sized “Fun Bunchies”; keep up the good work!


Always take your fan’s advice… they are way, way, waaaay smarter than you.

My advice, trade Scott Simpson for Bret Favre. Scott is just dead weight, and you should trade him now while his perceived value is so high. Favre’s experience is a lock to lead you to podcast gold.

Scott is worse than dead

Scott is worse than dead weight: he consumes valuable resources (oxygen, food, vodka, et al.) while just sitting there being a dud. For the record, we agree with you.