Our Theme Music


Many have asked, so here is the full story:

Our opening theme music is a track called “Pony Gallop (Morning Surprise),” by the Five Senses. They were a mostly-ukulele jam band out of Montréal, famous for their 4 hour sitar/uke trance sessions and subsequent pancake breakfasts. Sadly, their CD’s were deemed “obscene” by US Customs (a clerical error, one must assume), and all copies were destroyed at the border. Worse, the band had forgotten to hold on to the original recordings. 

The Five Senses finally disbanded when their entire tenor uke section disappeared while berrying in Greenland. Our possession of one tiny fragment of one song is pure luck: Merlin was working at the incinerator where the ill-fated CD’s were sent to be destroyed. He rescued one half-melted disc from the flames, and spent the next year piecing together the 1’s and 0’s—the digital scraps of the once-proud ukelele band’s magnum opus.

That year of labor yielded the song fragment you know as our opening theme. Gallop on, proud ukulelists. Gallop on.

YLNT listener Scott heard this story of courage and dedication, and came forward with his own Five Senses artifact. He owns what might be the only physical evidence that the band ever existed: a jewel case from their legendary performance at the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal. Sadly, the music itself is lost.

Download “Pony Gallop (Morning Surprise).”

Photo: Mixed Spleens, The Five Senses

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I was justhinking of asking about this...

Thanks! I now have a new ringtone.

You guys rule and rawk.

Just saying.

Why do you have both this page and a tumblelog? Does the tumblelog exist only as a comment-free haven for its creators? Not that I mind. Just wondering. Also, shouldn’t the three of you have more time over the holidays to come up with new episodes of YLNT? I have more time, and it’s becoming unbearable with no prerecorded conversation to keep me company.

i look sad today

‘cause i miss you — especially hotdog. where’d you guys go? i can has an update?

I’ve TOTALLY rewind a song

I’ve TOTALLY rewind a song to a part so when I pull up to someone’s house it’s blasting. It’s usually the opener to Billy Ocean’s “Get Outta My Dreams”…

…..Who’s that lady? Comin’ down the road??


In your honor

I am thinking of naming my cat after this podcast. How do you pronounce ylnt. I’m thinking, yah-lint.

A Guitar Tab Version of the Theme Song

I composed a tab of your theme song by ear for anyone who is interested in playing it for the guitar.