The Situation

Ibitha A funny thing happened on the way to the waterbed. On August 1, minutes before we were set to record a fresh episode, Merlin purchased a scratch-off lottery ticket and hit the jackpot! Because of a pinkie promise we made long ago (and thankfully videotaped), Merlin was compelled to bequeath 100% of the winnings to the YLNT Trust.

We went nuts: luxury suite in Ibiza, hookers and blow for miles, Lindsay Lohan reading about us in whatever magazine regular celebrities read to catch up on the personal lives of mega-celebrities. Swan-shaped paddle boats.

On August 3 (there was a minor misunderstanding about how far the $1,500 jackpot would stretch) we returned home.

Then our fortunes took a turn for the worse.

To be continued.

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So Lame

I can see this tom-foolery lasting all the way through the Oklahoma Scottish Festival.

Such a shame

You know, I could expect this kind of behavior from hotdogsladies and scottsimpson. But et tu, lonelysandwich? I always thought of you as the voice—er—awkward pause of reason.

Thank god!

I had this terrifying vision of YLNT going the way of oh, so many of the other genious comic podcasting trios:

Merlin hitting the pipe… Scott gaining 500 pounds, confined to his room accompanied only by Ho-Hos and Springer re-runs on cable… Adam falling into a deep depression after a failed attempt to re-live the glory days by forming Jordan, Jesse (and Adam) Go!!!

Glad to hear you three had a taste of the good life for a month… but now it’s back to work gentlemen. Your fans missed you desperately.

My terrifying vision...

…was one in which every other YLNT episode would have to be dedicated to the hosts doing funny voices while reading godaddy coupon codes, in order for them to be able to finace their partying.

// tn

Congratulations on your recent winnings.

However, your tale of Ibizan riches only furthers my need for more amazing audio-style content. Please be swift. Thank you.

-I have a purple bike.

What really happened

I have an alternative explanation for where you three have been. Mean Merlin broke up the band, but days later, Nice Merlin got them back together. Scott came down with Ménière’s disease while doing the fish stick, and sandwich kept recording the podcast even though he was alone. Apparantly Merlin and Scott left their skype logged in during the break. The finished episode was 40 minutes of Lonely Sandwich saying, “Hello, I think my skype isn’t working, can you hear me, I’ll keep trying.” Then a series of sad sighs was heard. Hope you are all well and the show is back soon!

So solly...

about the bruhaha with the waterbed, the fowl paddle boats, and the 1500 clams….but I am driving the minivan full of family back from summer “vacation”, am nursing a wicked engagement of athlete’s foot, and what with monkey losing to hippo on JJGo last year (I was catching up for f#$k’s sake!), I really need some ylnt brain tickling for the next stretch of blacktop. Please!

i hardly think this is true;

i hardly think this is true; Ibiza sank years ago.

Killing me

You guys are kill, me I need my fix :D

So with the American dollar where it is . . .

$1500 would net you a 3 minute toe-sucking frenzy with an Ibiza hooker and 2 milligrams of coke? Sad face with no irony.