VSOP Roundup

We’re basking for one more moment in the afterglow of the past three weeks. YLNT VSOP was pure joy.

Future VSOP (YLNT + Hodgman + Coulton) scheduled appearances:

  1. Look for the five of us in paper hats, tending the falcons, at the 2009 Minnesota State Fair.
  2. We’ll be teaching a course entitled “Bacon and Bicycles: Critical Perspectives on Quicksilver” at Deep Springs College in 2010.
  3. In December 2011, we hope to sell our predecorated miniature Christmas trees on the corner of 22nd & 9th. Look for the white van.

The VSOP Episodes

I: Selfish Express
II: Faux Tog
III: Faire du camping

Related Ephemera

Session photographs by Ryan Carver
“Selfish Express” production journal
MN State Fair booth poll

Our Guests

John Hodgman (buy his book here)
Jonathan Coulton (buy his poems set to music here)

Photo by Ryan Carver