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Mr. Owl2008-10-16 15:28

YLNT XL! 45 juicy minutes for the price of 30.


Nose harmony, quarters, who’s Capote now?, “He plays you better than you play you,” layers of latex, latchkey ontologies, start shooting your stock scenes now, one water ski or two?


Out-browed, back when it was called Mr. Owl, shared entendres, the recurring mint, each table represents a different decade, a full sparkly thong, Assumption never gets enough of the churning butter jokes, reverse garage sales.  read more »

Transitions2008-10-08 21:48

You’ve just hopped on the #17 Express and must quickly decide where to sit. In the back of the bus, four teenagers have staked their claim to a dozen seats. An old woman sits next to an open, delicately balanced bag of cat food. Up front, fumes rise from a guy who’s picking his teeth with what might be a knife.

So where do you sit?

If you’ve got your trusty YLNT SeatFinder, decisions like this are a snap.  read more »

Man School2008-09-30 00:33

Now* accepting applications for the Class of 2016! Sample from our wide range of available courses, including Sociology 102: Shaving, Chemistry 206: Principles of Muskmaking, and Techniques in Silent Disdain. Independent study credit (read: drinking alone) is also available. Listen to the episode for lots of exciting announcements regarding our Guest Lecturer series. Remember: early applicants get the good nicknames!  read more »

Tang Tangs2008-09-16 08:18

The parenting of negligence, things you didn’t know about gas stations, ancient aphorisms, tethered to a key, you go in and stay there until you have wisdom, They’ve Got It!, blue sky pie in the sky, Adam tries a little culture jam, Sunday morning habits, hot spring best practices, paddle balls, Erotic Rosary II, your first time at Uggo’s.  read more »

Where Is the Ham?2008-09-09 00:08

Sandwich smiles into the mouthpiece, teenage telemarketing salad days, LonelyWear’s autumn line, the secret of our success (at Macy’s), ham symphony, Karl gets fired from the Geek Squad, acquaintance on final approach, face school.

Important questions raised by this episode:
There were no important questions raised by this episode.  read more »

The Tux Age2008-09-02 08:42

We’re back from summer break full of something and something. Expect weekly episodes until it’s time for fall break. Or early September break. Break!

Pilaf games, the myth of women and computers, retroplagiarism can happened to you, young butlers in high demand, 20s sex ed film, prespooling and the origins of the Industrial Revolution.

Rampant on a Field2008-07-29 11:09


Down and out in Улаанбаатар (sorry, Mongolia!), remembrance of fights past, rampant on a field of Wheat Chex, stickin’ with the quadrupeds, Adam’s almost assaulted, don’t flog Detroit’s dead horse, the MySpace Generation has nothing to lose, guac attack.  read more »

Aunt Nancy2008-07-18 12:06


Sit back, relax, mix yourself an Aunt Nancy but don’t cross the swords. We’re coloncasting over at bandaid1995.com. ¿Esto debería estar en el recipiente de correo? Body (Not) Movin’.

Expressed as a Vest2008-07-08 14:27

Unhealthy ligatures, a course of Prednisone, “I’m not following you!”, obscure chess moves, smoking for the cure, misused orifices, we pass as nosies, Karl Van Hœt.

Live!: Baby on a Dog2008-07-02 11:18


Recorded live at the Dark Room Theater in San Francisco. Don’t miss lots of great photos from the event.

Desperate for funds, we explore opening a restaurant. Along the way, Sandwich cries in the bathroom, Merlin sings a song, and Scott gets some information wrong. But, in the end, we think we’ve got a pretty lucrative restaurant franchise on our hands. The first Baby on a Dog will open in Butte, MT, in 2012. Bring the family on Wednesdays for Awkward Discussion of Politics Across Generational Lines Night!

Don’t miss the live episode of the hilarious Jordan, Jesse Go! also recorded that evening. Their show featured special guests, an epic Would You Rather?, and a very special JJGo/YLNT joint press conference.

Photo: Upskirt by Neven Mrgan
Episode artwork photos by Bobby Andersen
Intro music by Petra Haden (iTunes, Amazon)