Aunt Nancy

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Sit back, relax, mix yourself an Aunt Nancy but don’t cross the swords. We’re coloncasting over at ¿Esto debería estar en el recipiente de correo? Body (Not) Movin’.

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Sweet Jesus I love this

Sweet Jesus I love this podcast. I heard about you guys through Leo Laporte and I’m totally hooked. Over the past 3 days I have listened to all of your podcasts, some of them multiple times. You must keep this up, at any cost to your personal lives and or hygiene.

thank you sir may i have another?

This episode is amazing. As I am listening, our design agency is working on several projects for J&J. My favorite being the colon products like the Pill cam. Yep - - swallow the pill like camera and watch it “pass” from top to bottom.I’d say there is a real opening from some interesting live web feed.

Body (Not) Movin'

Love your show, funniest podcast ever.

I use the hell out of the Wii Fit so I have unlocked nearly everything, and I’m not sure if you guys are aware of this or not, but there’s a Balance Game that involves sitting perfectly still on the balance board. It’s called Lotus Focus, though I always call it Zen Sitting.

I had to go look for the actual name just now to come up with Lotus Focus. Anyway, it’s out there, believe it or not.

She'd appreciate it

I have an Aunt Nancy (and she is, in fact, a classy lady and a little more special than the average aunt), so I appreciate that there is a drink out there that could really capture her spirit. She’s partial to chicken fingers (as am I… who isn’t?) so I’m psyched. A trio of Aunt Nancies on the rocks for everyone!! Whippee!

BeatMaker of the Boop Doop

Merlin with the Boop-Doop and the 808 for the BeatMaker…

Estelle Getty

I’ve been listening to you guys for a couple weeks and I wonder if somehow, you might have…. lead to the demise of Estelle Getty. I mean you brought her up in a few different podcasts and how ironic that she passes away.

Bar Drinks

If you’re not completely sold on the Aunt Nancy maybe you should check out the Bar Drink Generator at I just came up with a “Snarling Shop Teacher” which includes Mandarin Vodka, Triple Sec, and Izze Sparkling Pomegranate.

The Perfect Drink

I have to say I have the perfect drink for the You Look Nice Today crew and it is not an aunt nancy. It is… drum roll The 3 Wise Men. Equal parts Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and Johnny Walker. Swords and chicken wings are optional.

first time listener, loved the show

wow, more than matched the high recommendations.

Great wii rant, was slouching around the house and the laptop and you made me think how great it would be to have some sort of back-straightening device with a wiimote attached, just on in the background, continually monitoring the perpendicular.

My choice would be a female robot voice gently reprimanding “you are horizontal, but you would rather be vertical” when I fell out of line.

For Your Consideration

Dear Sirs,

  1. You’ll no doubt be delighted to learn that the domain appears to be available.

  2. I have determined that your show either uses a laugh track or your performers are occasionally out of character. If the latter, please consider employing me as a member of your cast. I was voted Most Improved in my high school thespian society and I assure you that nobody within microphone range has ever spontaneously laughed during one of my comedy improvisations.

  3. Do you allow substitutions when ordering a Nancy? I am allergic to chicken, so I was wondering if I could get a buffalo wing instead. Oh, and would you mind making my Nancy virgin as well?

Thank you very much.


The zenbum

I've got nothing


Hey from Aunt Nancy

I’m both Aunt Nancy and Great Aunt Nancy.

My current drink of choice is a Medoyeff Vodka Martini up with two olives

My suggestion is use this as a base and get creative.

I’m totally behind the kid food item on a stick. I’ve been there. I think the biggest kid crowd pleaser is going to be the corndog. You can probably have this made with the sword instead of a stick, pop it in the microwave for 75 seconds and you are good to go.

Make me proud, that’s all I ask!

An Aunt Nancy in the wild

I captured this example of a prototype Aunt Nancy at a recent wedding in the South-West of England.

It was an absolute hit. Bravo!

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