Faire du camping

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If “penultimate” meant “last,” this would be the penultimate episode of our VSOP series. Thanks again to John Hodgman, Jonathan Coulton, and the sturdy padlocks on the studio doors that prevented their escape.

This episode will be more interesting than average for: farmers, Québécoises, basket weavers, camp counselors, small business owners, and a capella aficionados.

This episode will be less interesting than average for: dancers, hair stylists, carnies, Renaissance buffs, vegans, and criminals.

Original photo by Pete Ryan. (We modified it.)

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Poland is safe. For now.

Poland is safe!

…for now.

May I suggest that you recruit John Hodgman as a regular guest? He is amazing. Or perhaps just have additional guests once in a while, to spice things up. You could even get some revenue by charging them to advertise their wares at the end of the podcast.

Or hold them for ransom. Either’s good.

The 3rd installment of a couple...

So this is the 3rd installment of a couple podcasts with John Hodgman & Jonathan Coulton. It may take me a few days to ponder this new concept. I won’t ponder that long, I’m usually distracted by… Hey! My Little Pony! I’ve missed you so.

This is how I Faire It..

In Canada, not only do we Faire du camping (or even better, laissez faire du camping), we also faire du ski and faire du fishstick. It’s true. Look it up.

ALSO: http://treesellers.com/ a documentary about les quebecois qui vendent des sapins de Noël au Manhattan. Merci et Joyeux Noël à chacun au “Vous Semblez Gentil Aujourd’hui”.


Ok, not that I’m in any way convinced that you care, but here goes…

  • Treesellers make quite a bit of money, if memory serves.

  • Trying to speak like a Québécois by speaking like a frenchman is a bit like me trying to speak like an American by saying “Hello Gov’nr!”

Great show, by the way.

New YLNT Wiki

Wanted to pass along a link to a fledgeling YLNT wiki I put together to collect the various bits of ephemera from Flickr and the like.


p.s. don’t tell the YLNT guys, it’s a sekrit surprize


If the Christmas trees at grocery stores in NYC are sold by Quebecois, should Christmas trees at grocery stores here in Texas be sold by Oklahomans (to preserve directionality) or Mexicans (to preserve border-hopping-ness)? Sleeping in vans is pretty believable either way. Perhaps I will do some primary research.

Christmas trees do grow in Texas, if anyone’s wondering. I wouldn’t believe it myself if I hadn’t seen the farms all over.

I remember that question

I remember that question from the SAT. The answer, if memory serves, was “C.”

Slumber Space

Clearly SS should be re-branded as an annex for your Man School. Each man is provided a dorm fridge, cot, and escape from responsibility, if only for a night.

Sandwiches could be turkey or roast beef, with a service fee for meatball upgrade.

An excellent podcast, John

An excellent podcast, John Hodgman, you are awesome!