Live!: Baby on a Dog

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Recorded live at the Dark Room Theater in San Francisco. Don’t miss lots of great photos from the event.

Desperate for funds, we explore opening a restaurant. Along the way, Sandwich cries in the bathroom, Merlin sings a song, and Scott gets some information wrong. But, in the end, we think we’ve got a pretty lucrative restaurant franchise on our hands. The first Baby on a Dog will open in Butte, MT, in 2012. Bring the family on Wednesdays for Awkward Discussion of Politics Across Generational Lines Night!

Don’t miss the live episode of the hilarious Jordan, Jesse Go! also recorded that evening. Their show featured special guests, an epic Would You Rather?, and a very special JJGo/YLNT joint press conference.

Photo: Upskirt by Neven Mrgan
Episode artwork photos by Bobby Andersen
Intro music by Petra Haden (iTunes, Amazon)

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Continuing on from your discussion of fundraisers that actual require some real effort, I came across this piece on the

Ignoring the actual write up of the piece, I believe this is an event that can be categorized as an endurance test that’s both bad for you, and you don’t enjoy, but would come in handy if you’re a woman in showbiz, or an ex-wife of Tom Cruise.

I just wanted to bring this to your attention. Thank you for your time.

Before your birthday patrons

Before your birthday patrons get their free awkward cake you should gather all the servers around to sing but have them wait while you check their ID just to be sure it is in fact their birthday. Then of course you’ll need a “You’re lying!” song as well.

Experiencing Baby on a Dog

If anyone in the Portland, Oregon area wants a “Baby on a Dog” awkward dining experience, may I suggest a piece of awful interactive dinner theatre entitled “Who Stole My Dead Husband?” Although ostensibly a loving tribute to growing up Brooklyn-Italian, it is more accurately a loose collection of stereotypes that ought to be titled “Food and Some Screaming!”

Despite this, the experience is truly sublime and unintentionally hilarious when shared with others. Don’t skimp on the wine! And pray that Mr. Bluetooth McDouche returns for another star-making performance!

I’m sorry, but the

I’m sorry, but the restaurant’s true name is obvious: Awkward Cake. Maybe you could use it for the attached bakery.

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