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Merlin: Boy Scout
Scott: Boy Scout
Adam: YMCA Indian Guide

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"Right, right. I don't know what you mean, but right."

Hilarious. Also, thanks for the new project ideas.


Best line of OPN-WDE episode
Adam: “Gross”
06:50 in

Changing Other People's Tags

Back in the day, you could pay for custom avatars on the Something Awful forums. You could also pay to change other people’s avatars to rude images of nude men. Twelve year old kids with their mom’s credit cards would get into epic spending wars to ridicule each other on the Internet.

In conclusion, I can’t wait for this system to be applied to license plates!


You know this thing might work…

"Little Man in a Boat, Looks Like a Gnome"

I nominate this as the emblem of the You Look Nice Today Fun Bunch Ladies’ Auxiliary.


“Are we talking the marine mammal, or the, uh, uh, uh, the singer?”

I love it when everyone has to pull back from the microphones because they’re laughing too hard to talk.


I really thought you guys had lost it with that unfunny, 2 month late excuse of a Christmas podcast.

Now I see you’re back in full force. I laughed my ass off. Thank you!


Took this pic a few years ago.


I'm not at all sure why:

  1. OPN WYD is a good slogan for a dentist
  2. Why having it appear like it is written in blood is a good idea.

Was that planned?

I’m not sure if this was posted in the comments before, probably has… I’m not homophobic or anything… but it made me chuckle that when you search for You Look Nice Today in iTunes, the second most popular result displayed is for The Gay Community App…

Just strikes me as an incredibly random thing with no correlation, or is there?

It's hard to display with variable-width text, but...

...this may be a useful symbol for the Screech-related license plate:



Best California license plate ever…


Yeah, it's kinda hard to describe

But there exists a Universal Symbol for Spray-On Tanning as of this afternoon, anyway.


I would pay anything to have seen the look on the DMV clerk’s face as they stamped “Approved” on this one:


It was sort of near a dentist’s office, but I’m not sure if that makes it better or worse.

Indian Guides

?!?!?!?! I am so psyched to hear that Adam was in Indian Guides! You have no idea how few people you meet that had the joy of participating in such a glorious organizastion. I remember having to proclaim my Indian name to the Tribe and chuck a handful of corn into the bonfire. My Indian name was not quite as triumphant(Eagle Foot), but there was a kid in the Mohawk Tribe named Barking Spider. I definitelty still have my vest though, and I totally stole the tribal drum.