Tang Tangs

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The parenting of negligence, things you didn’t know about gas stations, ancient aphorisms, tethered to a key, you go in and stay there until you have wisdom, They’ve Got It!, blue sky pie in the sky, Adam tries a little culture jam, Sunday morning habits, hot spring best practices, paddle balls, Erotic Rosary II, your first time at Uggo’s.

Photo: twocentsworth, Dubai Skyline No. 2 (Detail)

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I visit Dubai for the Tang Tangs, I stay for the nipple burkas…

where is the pie?

the sky line seems to be missing something… .nvm it wont be important, it was probably a spare of the moment construction that didn’t stand the test of time

Track and Trigg

Are the REAL LIFE names of two of Sarah Palin’s chilldren. Write THAT on your lattes.

No Laughter

I can hear that you are all holding back your own “bust-a-gut” laughter on some of the quiet moments when someone makes a witty remark.

In some of the previous episodes you let it go.

You need to “Let it go.”

“Eat lightning and…”

Hot Spring Baby's

It always comes back to Baby Butlers doesn’t it.


haha…well, Dubai isn’t the capital or richest of the Emirates, but nice try. It’s just the most popular/well-known/tourist-trap. But they would try to build some of those crazy ideas probably.


They’ll find a way to circumvent culture jam. Maybe they could build a full-scale model of Dubai right next to the original and then simply annex it.

Tang Tang

I loved the episode. Merlin’s sound effects, mostly the AE transmissions and the tang tang noise made it great. I also like Adams side comments. It seems like he hates you two.

Tang Tang

How ‘bout the OCGAS in this episode?

(On-call Guy Arabic Speaking.)

Yes, it’s bad English, but I had to fit “gas” in there somewhere. Like Adam’s, it’s the last requirement for my graduate degree in Native American Gas Station History (my M.A. in NAGSH).

Now I’m going to celebrate by eating some lightning!

Scott, go turn the lights out. Your kid’s either going blind, or slowly insane waiting for a good-night kiss.

Tang Tang

I really enjoy listening to your podcasts. Your recent topic on the gas stations built on indian burial grounds was really lame. The only connection I could have made on the two subjects would have had something to do with fossils and fossil fuel. But keep it up because I usually laugh out loud at your stuff.

Dont take that adam!

this guy is clearly jealous and is taking a pot shot at ur native american gas station education, did he go to native american gas station college? i think not, the government only sends the brightest minds in the country there. I mean didn’t u share a class with stevie wonder? He doesn’t strike most people as the most intellegent guy, but i saw him on the televisual media box and he was saying things that could only be conceived by the mind of a genius, i mean he told a joke, about an asian man and i think one of the titles of his songs and it was the most perfectly crafted verbl outburst of humorous concern that i have ever witnessed, i mean if the bush administration has done anything at all, surely it must have sent young stevie to college? right? isn’t that how things work over in america? coz last i heard it was the greatest country in the world, besides the internet of course, did u know that the internet is officially suceeding from every single country in the world and is forming its own nation on a tiny south pacific island chain? its true, in about a year or so the only way ur gona be able to use the internet is by hiring an illegel pilot to fly you through the restricted airspace and hope that the right web page ‘splats’ against ur window. i mean its almost a legal adult now, in a couple of years we wont be able to tell it wat to do. They grow up so fast… . .

how many english listeners do u guys estimate u have? and is it ok that even tho iv never heard of half the things u guys talk about i just listen because i enjoy the sound of ur voice? i mean wat is so wrong about a man, lying in his bed listening to voices of other men he doesn’t understand and feeling very warm?

jk xx


Thanks for coming to my defense, Jaraknarn. But Mr. Davie has a point here. I mean, fossils? Fossil FUELS? I mean, that’s rich. That is 100% Black Gold. Texas Tea. I’m talkin’ ‘bout oil. REWRITE.

what happened to sandwich macenrow?

i must agree, A VIABLE ALTERNATIVE TO FOSSIL FUELS!!! doesn’t really have the same catchy hook as BLACK GOLD!!! or TEXAS TEA!!! but give it some thought and get back to me, probono work for the environmentalists perhaps?? i know ur busy but those guys really need some help, they’re circling the drain… . .

how long til i get my ylnt fix??


the drums, the drums

tang tangs… don’t they have a song about a dj?

Tang tang

Can anyone tell me where to get an extra large nipple burka? I lost mine, and my supplier skipped town.


I think they are still hungover from the Oklahoma Scottish Festival.