Truck Spank

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So sorry!, the oxygen lobby, doin’ the Skokie, Wallet-on-Chain is not a town in England, Sean Connery is Japanese, What’s your latte name?, pre-disposable feminine hygiene, @EffingBoring gets the carnation.

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Truck Spank 2008

...a growing grassroots movement, born on "the internet...."

My first Starbucks of the

My first Starbucks of the school year. Hopefully my last. I forgot how much I hate their tea.

Before anyone calls me out on it, yes this is a fake - I wrote it on the cup myself (hence the awful printing). I feel like such a fraud…

Since I only ordered a tea the douchey barista need not write my fake name down — however if he had asked I would have used my favourite: Truck Spank.

Runner Up: Chunk Trunk.

Perhaps next time.

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say my naaaaaame!

Truth be told, my last name is Funk… John Funk esq.. Sometimes I order coffee just to hear the bari$tas say it. Maybe I should swap my middle name from David to something superior…like…

John “Chuck-Truck” Funk …

p.s. I heard changing your name to that of any dictator is a good way to turn heads and get good service.

p.p.s. your captcha is offensive. I think it just called me a “leftat Yorkish”