The Noises Rest

Most people assume that silent films were silent for technological reasons—that there wasn’t a way to capture and reproduce sound along with the moving image in those classic early films.

That’s a lie: the technology was never a big deal. Directors at the time simply chose, for aesthetic reasons, to embrace the purity of silence.

When the Silent Film Institute* asked us to create something inspired by the era of silent films, we knew we had to honor the early foley artists, those brave sound effects engineers who chose silence over noise.

Three of our best pals are foley artists, and by a fantastic coincidence, they’re working right now on a project we simply had to document.

We’ll let Evan, Lanolin, and Tiborg tell you the rest of the story.

The video also is available in a much prettier HD version.

* It was The Museum of Modern Art. We’re assuming the Silent Film Institute does not actually exist. If they do, please note that we are referring to the Silent Film Institute that does not actually exist, not the one that does exist that we didn’t know about when we were making this. Or something.

YLNT wrote this. Editing, direction, all other production: Adam.

Oh, and here’s a little outtake thingie too.

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Sounds of childhood

I miss my ocarina. Was just like that but powder blue.


As someone who has spent some, maybe several, hours working on foley. I salute you.

Sh!… That’s the silence of me saluting you.

great minds

nice! makes a great compliment to this one from bill hader:

This is awesome. Bill Hader

This is awesome. Bill Hader is the greatest.

ALTHOUGH if he is going to see our video, go back in time, make his own video, and then claim to be the father of the Zany Sound Engineer movement, I may have to revise my opinion of him.

time lord hader

no, no. think how much he must love the video to sacrifice time machine fuel on honoring it. time machines run on what, radioactive puppies? something like that.

ps- my captcha words are ‘Romance Railway’, so now I suppose I am off to write that novel.


This is my friend Shahan:

He is Armenian. He is available should Tiborg ever need a stunt double. Or if he ever wants to play that classic improv Mirror Game

Suffice it to say I flipped out when I saw this at MoMA, not only because it is hilarious, but because I’d never before noticed the resemblance. Well done YLNT.

Very handsome, but...

I just don’t see it.


I redid my Fishstick video with some added sound. Much better production and professional sounding.

This is a comb

What is the sound of one culture clapping?

BTW: Which one of you is the love child of Jonathan Winters?

I'm no doctor, but...

…doesn’t the “love child” trope usually require two participants? I suppose one of us could be the love child of Jonathan Winters AND Shelley Winters, for example. But to suggest we are the love child of one man alone would mean that Mr. Winters asexually spawned and that we share 100% of his genetic material, which is off-putting and clearly untrue.

YLNT a capella?

I haven’t heard about these guys before, but since they’re an a capella group (and possibly previously nerdly), I thought Gee I’d love to hear the YLNT guys do this check out the first track “Live Your Life” (an a capella cover of the Apple Bottom Jeans song), especially at about 3:50. If that doesn’t send you, there’s always the Jackson Jills…

Maybe I’m way off.


You guys have an IMDB page set up under your name? Granted, it’s empty (aside from a 2009 date) but is this the real reason you haven’t created a new podcast in the longest time? I’ve been missing you so bad I’ve sobbing for several days now, but if there is a feature-length YLNT adventure in the works then all is forgiven.

The Neck Beard

So, did Adam grow that just for this episode? It really does add to the “jazz lover” persona.

Can I ask you a personal question?... What's your name?

I’ve been listening to this amalgamation of absurdities you call a podcast since its beginning. The main characters consist of a group of nerds who have everything to say about nothing.

The Sandwich doesn’t speak up as often as the other two citizens of dungeons and dragons nation but packs a punch when he does. Scottsimpson always seems to call the other two on their astonishingly impractical ideas but is willing to contribute some of his own. And hotdogsladies always resorts to Freud and his narcissism of ‘vis-à-vis’ contagiousness.

This is Pierre from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I am French, but not Quebecois; even though half of my cronies are. So, whenever ‘Quebecois’ sneaks up into a conversation I can’t help but to spit up my poutine. Let me know if you are in need of any more miniature Quebecois for your Christmas tree business. I know of many and can be quite convincing.

I’m usually a man of few words and so I’ll end it with the following: Where the hell did your podcast go? I’m not one to subscribe to forums (etc) but felt compelled this time. Listening to your episodes gets mind-numbing after the 10th time. You guys have talent dammit! If you guys quit on me now I’m gonna be pissed!

I concur, and raise you 5 indignations

The Department of Homeland Security is currently conducting an investigation into the whereabouts of known podcasters (and suspected Lotharios) You Look Nice Today.

While Homeland Security does not comment directly on ongoing investigations, a source inside the DoHS in quoted as saying “The American people depend on us to keep them safe [from listening to old podcasts too many times], and we will continue to do everything in our power to do so.”

Awesome. Feed?

What’s the deal with the feed? Why aren’t items since December showing up?

Finnish the Film!

Brilliant!! Would love to have seen 30 seconds of old silent movies remastered with your deft skills and diction at the end

Loving the feral tiborg!! Hysterical!